After several consecutive days of less than pleasant behavior we have devised our very own household COMMANDMENTS, to be adjusted as parents see fit. (In no specific order.)

1. No whining.
2. No tattling.
3. No whining and tattling at the same time.
4. No head wagging while whining or tattling.
5. No crying wolf.
6. No leaving clothes or wet towels on the bathroom floor.
7. No after dinner science experiments with food.
8. No saying “eww” at mealtime.
9. No snacking 15 minutes before dinner, even when starving.
10. No disputing the commandments.


  1. i have a few of those same rules myself....yet as usual, does anyone listen, that would be a BIG FAT NO!
    yes, am probably moving myself....what's new? yes, help packing one day would rock!

  2. This made me think of the random rules that existed in our house growing up.

    -No singing at the dinner table

    -If anyone brings up the time there was a bug in the salad, then they have to finish all the salad

    -no saying the word "butt"

    and that's about it. hahaha.

  3. Yes, eww... I'll have to change that one. Thanks. I remember the no singing too.

  4. I like these!!!!! I wish I could apply them at my house...but I have too small of kids! Crap!!!! Good luck with yours!

  5. Amber, don't know what ages your kids are... but if I was you I'd tuck it away in a chunk of my memory bank for safe keeping- they will be there before you know it. Don't blink.