blood pressure... check.


Before I go to work, or leave the house for that matter, I always scan the house and do a clean sweep... it's another quirk. I guess when I come home tired from a long day it's nice to know that I can at least come home to a clean house. The strange thing is it doesn't matter the length of time. I could be running to the store for 30 minutes and still feel the need to clean. This morning on my rounds I peeked into Pokey's bathroom and to my dismay... this is the image that greeted me. My heart started racing and I knew that I needed to take some deep breaths. So, I've located some areas of angst in my home.

It's been such a difficult process for me trying to allow the children to do their own cleaning, especially when it entails finding this or anything remotely close to this. I know they will not learn how to do it if I always do it for them. However, the perfectionistic person I am resists this with every sinew of my anatomy. It would be so easy for me to just go pick it all up.

Some might say I am making a mountain out of a molehill... but I guess they don't really know me. I have actually made some tremendous progress in the last year, as I have learned to let things go and to lower expectations. I have learned that there are sacrifices to be made when you have a family and that these life lessons can only be learned through parenting.

Deep breath.

So, I'm going to close the door now and gently remind her when she comes home later today.

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  1. Good plan and good luck. I have a pet peeve of towels not being hung up though. I just know I'm going to be a nag.