Coloring eggs has never been one of my favorite holiday traditions over the years, as I anxiously watch my children's unsteady hands attempt to dip eggs in DYE (you know, the stuff that is permanent) and then use a flimsy dipper to move them to their final resting place.

Time to make some new traditions and mix it up.

{Old Tradition}

{New Tradition}

Why the heck not? They look easy and delicious; a fun find sure to be a hit!

Found this at (Button to the right.) Three amazingly crafty sisters sharing their talents with us not so gifted in the creative department.

Deviled eggs? No problem.

Who needs to color eggs, or boil at all for that matter, when you can get these bad boys for almost the same price?


Spoiled? Lazy? Who cares.

And it seems to this mom that my kids prefer the candy filled eggs to the real ones anyways. And no more finding stinky, rotten eggs 3 months later.



  1. I saw a cool trick on good morning America or something where they took plastic eggs and used hodge podge to put like foil wrappers on them. It was cool.

    I'm bummed for Easter because I am dieting and can't do all the candy I want and in recent years have found that I have some sort of food intolerance for boiled eggs. Weird huh? I can eat them any other way, but boiled makes me sick. Sad :( They are the best part of easter feast!

  2. I think that idea sounds cool, but why do all that when they have such cute cute plastic eggs already? We'll fill them and call it good.

    Sorry you can't have eggs or candy. Double whammy!!

    Oh, and marilyn monroe-esque as in burlesque... got it.

    I'm glad I had some impact on your life, even if it was doing your hair and makeup.

    Thanks for following. You seem to comment even on my most boring of posts- that's a friend.

  3. good luck with the bunnies! they are super easy so i'm sure they'll turn out great! and who knew you could get boiled eggs already peeled? i can't stand peeling eggs. :)