Detox, Declutter, Destress

I did something I haven't done in some time. I sat and read a magazine.

I generally do lots of reading on the internet, but am easily distracted and not very focused. Thanks, Ren, for the magazine subscription. (Natural Health, March 2010) The heading on the cover "Detox Declutter Destress" really grabbed my attention. It seemed to be the general theme throughout- and just what I needed. Couldn't think of any better ways to feel better fast.

Today is the first day of March and it is sunny and 35. Feels heavenly. I want to feel whole again so I can enjoy every minute of the changing seasons.

Detox: A cleanse that won't leave your body deprived.
I generally detox at least twice a year to improve energy and give my body a boost and haven't yet done it this winter. The cleanse they recommended in the article was not as harsh as others I've done. "Prepare your body for a week slowly eliminating off-limit foods and drinks." It mostly involves cutting out the crap, eating more greens, omega fatty acids, and drinking plenty of water. Their detox lasts from 1-3 weeks and doesn't deprive your body. Instead eat fresh, organic foods, sip on water, juices, and herbal teas, eliminate allergens (caffeine, alcohol, soda, etc.), move your body in the form of some aerobic exercise, and eliminate toxins by means of sweating or brushing your skin daily.

This is similar to the last detox I last did, but I drank just liquids for several days leaving me tired and less than motivated to exercise. I'm excited to try this one. I could really use the boost in energy level about now. I will probably only last one week, but every little bit helps.

Declutter: Stream-line your space.
"Do you love it? Do you use it? And how does it make you feel?" These are all very individual and personal. Some people function optimally with piles of clutter surrounding them. I know for me personally that I never function well in choas. And my level of choas is probably different than yours. I know this about myself. I also know that just doing a small organizational project or a deep cleanse can do wonders for my mind and my spirits. It is very invigorating and therapeutic.

The article points out that the kitchen is a great place to start- the heart of the house where families gather. That is not my problem spot, so I decided to work on my office some. (Pictures to come later.) It is also an important hub in my home- where all important documents find their way. It might be a closet or a bathroom for you.

Destress: Ease anxiety without drugs.
They shared responses from 3 different professionals, some more interesting than others.

An herbalist said, "Before reaching for a quick fix make sure your home and work environments are calming and don't make you anxious."
Solution: Choose herbs such a chamomile and passionflower that ease nervousness.

A psychotherapist said, "There are esentially two root causes of anxiety: The first is when your thoughts and emotions don't have an outlet and become 'stuck in body'. The second is when there's been a previous stress or trauma and the memory triggers anxiety in the present moment.
Solution: Do a body scan to figure out where you are storing your anxious feelings and breathe deeply into that area.

An integrative doctor said, "Because the brain and rest of the body are so intricately connected, anxious emotions trigger a variety of distressing physical reactions and sensation."
Solution: Eat a healthy breakfast with protein (keeps blood sugar stable until lunch) and a keep a gratitude journal.

These are all simple, do-able things, perfect for anyone. It's just a matter of making the time. It's interesting to me how as moms we can make time for all sorts of things when it pertains to our children, but when it comes to us there is none left. Maybe if we took a little more time for us we would have more energy to tackle all there is to do and actually feel better doing it. Just a thought.

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