Life's Ironies

Just when you think you have it all figured out, life goes and throws ya some curveballs. Based on several recent life experiences I've come to the conlusion that maybe life is just meant to be ironic. Or maybe someone is up there toying with us for their own amusement.

In no particular order, some of these said experiences include: pants at Buckle, garlic and poppyseed pretzel bites, middle school for Little Man, new vitamins, renewed weight gain/cooking strategy, sister's surprise gift, pictures on St Patrick's Day, and school concerts.

{pants at Buckle}

The pants at Buckle, ironically, turns out to be the lengthiest story. See, pants are not an easy thing for me to find. Being a 24S has it's disadvantages. Say what you will, good or bad, but you should try finding some before you think too many bad thoughts.

I actually consider myself a pretty thrifty person. I love consigning and actually get a high from finding an amazing article of clothing or piece of furniture for a fraction of the price it would cost elsewhere. It's almost like a fun challenge to see how far a dollar will stretch. I love it. Having said that, there are just some things that cannot be found second hand... 24S pants is one of them.

So, I broke down and bought a pair of pants at Buckle last fall. If you aren't familiar with Buckle you must know that a pair of pants from Buckle can be anywhere from $90-$150. This pair was $98, but only came in long. They offer free alterations, so it was a done deal. When I got them back I was less than excited about the results. I don't know much about sewing, as it's never been one of my strong suits, but I do know a crappy job when I see it. This was a crappy job. They somehow managed to cut them and leave a giant chunk of fabric on the bottom. It was bulky and didn't allow the pants to lay right. I wore them a couple times, but was frustrated both times. After several months of them staying in the bottom of my drawer I decided it was just ridiculous that a $98 pair of pants was being passed over. I thought about taking them to my regular seamstress, but then realized it was going to be costly to fix it. Then it dawned on me that I should just take them back to Buckle. If this were anything else I was not satisfied with I wouldn't think twice about returning it, so why not this?

The Buckle assured me that they could send it back to their seamstress and have the extra material cut off, no problem, but that I should request that up front next time. Seems odd, especially considering I've had pants done in the past that turned out fine, but whatever.

A week later I returned to pick them up only to find that there was a hole in the pants near the hem line. Upon further inspection I found a patch in the back and several stitches, perhaps in an attempt to hide it. I was annoyed. The sales associates agreed that it looked bad, but the manager tried to convince me that they could cut more off and that it would mask the mistake. This seemed to me a ludicrous idea, as I had already had them altered to the perfect length and cutting them more would only make them too short. I was determined and eventually the manager offered a new pair. They searched, but could not find another like it in the store. So, she ordered the exact pair online to be picked up in about a week from then.

I went in yesterday to pick them up and was prepared to be measured and have them sent to be cut, but when I tried them on they didn't fit. There was over 2 inches of gap in the back and there was no way I was going to accept them. I asked again to speak to a manager. By now you could be thinking I'm sounding bitchy, but remember... I spent $98 for these pants (and I never lost my cool). After talking with the manager about other options it was concluded that not all pants are alike, even the same size and make, and that I could pick out anything else in the store. These pants were dark and a little dressier and I was determined to find something similar. First attempt was a success. So, I ended up with a new pair that actually fit and didn't even have to be altered. Score. So, I do have to say that although the Buckle's jeans are outrageously overpriced, they are determined to ensure customer satisfaction at any cost. I might have even ended up with a better pair of pants. I guess the irony lies in the outcome.


(Maybe not the best photo of the jeans, but here they are in all their glory. Oh, and the shirt was a thrift find. Thanks, Ren. Always pays to shop with sisters.)

{garlic & poppyseed pretzel bites}

While at the mall I picked up a small container of garlic & poppyseed pretzel bites. It's not really like me to pick up a snack or enjoy it, but both occurred. Then this morning as I was laying in bed my husband told me that I couldn't ever have garlic again. I guess the smell was no longer on my breath, but coming out of my pores. Seriously? I find a snack I like and it's prohibited?

{middle school for Little Man}

So, after fighting this tooth and nail, dead set that Roosevelt is the worst scenario, Haldan and I had an appointment with the vice principle at Roosevelt to discuss our concerns and talk about programs available for a gifted child. The vice principle was very accomodating and talked about multiple solutions for a child such as Little Man. It is the only school that has one set time schedule for all grades, which would allow for him to move to a different class if needed. She also talked about special classes they had just started for advanced students and the reasons why the numbers were low statistically. Turns out they are the only school that offers a learning language program for children who don't speak English. The school as a whole seemed very together and the faculty were all very friendly and welcoming. The vice principle also discussed her personal mission to help Little Man fit in, facilitating friendships and taking a special interest in his career. She was even willing to meet him for lunch at Madison to get to know him better.

As an added twist doctor something or other from the Cedar Rapids Community Schools finally called me and asked me to give her a brief synopsis of Little Man's story and is currently looking into it and will get back to us. Now we are not sure what to think.

{new vitamins}

I have recently started new vitamins to help with my energy level. I have been more tired and less motivated than normal. I miss my old self. So, I decided to bite the bullet and go back to the GNC woman's wellness pack. A bit costly, but worth it if it helps. Ironically I have been more tired than normal. Last night I was ready for bed at 8:30PM and if you know me at all you know that night is usually my awake time. I can't decide if it's ironic or just a mere coincidence. I'm going to give it another week before I formulate my conclusion.

{renewed weight gain/cooking strategy}

Just about the time I decide I want to work on my cooking skills and gain 10 pounds my husband announces that he wants to lose 20 pounds by May 1st and won't be participating in my dinners for a while. Makes the motivation to cook a little more challenging. I'm not sure my children will have the same appreciation for my finer meals and I'm thinking their criticism might not be the best thing to encourage me. Figures.

{sister's surprise gift}

It was another rough day. Just as I was beginning to feel defeated... out of the blue I received a surprise gift in the mail and it isn't even my birthday. I saw a bracelet while shopping with my sister that I adored, but didn't purchase it because I had just spent tons of money on summer clothes for Pokey. My sister sent me that same bracelet with a note that read, "I hope you find the beautiful things in your life. Saw this and thought of you." Thank you, Rena. You are a wonderful sister and example to me. Love you.


{pictures on St Patrick's Day}

Not sure what to say here, the title sorta says it all. I guess I'm not sure who decided this, but tomorrow is picture day for the kiddos. Not sure if green is the way to go. Green? Really?

{school concerts}

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine my stiff, rigid kid would do this...

(popping out of box for song "Simple Gifts")

or this...

You can watch my crazy son here. I guess he wanted to do this (or was doing this) with all of the songs, so the teacher gave him free reign on the last one (to rev up the energy or something like that?)... a must see!

To top off the night I got a cheesecake as a reward for the children doing such a nice job. What I thought was a lovely idea literally brought Little Man to tears, as it was not the treat he had hoped for. Who saw that one coming?

So, there ya have it... multiple examples of life's ironies- within a matter of days.

And maybe, just maybe we aren't supposed to EVER have it all figured out. Maybe life is more about enjoying the unexpected outcomes and surprises that are thrown our way. Or a secret plot to make us laugh more. Whatever it is, it sure keeps life interesting.


  1. Very cute to see Connor going all out in his school concert. It's weird for me to see it with two perspectives, one as his adoring aunt, and one as an elementary music teacher! Well the kids sure are enthusiastic, and in my book, that makes it a success! Connor definitely feels the music. I remember when he first started to sing at age 2!

  2. That is Hilarious!!!! Way to go Connor--brave soul!!! I think the kid behind Connor has to have whiplash! Goodness, see how he whips his head around?!
    What a sweet surprise from your sister!!!
    I love when life goes ironic. It makes things easier to laugh least for me :)