Negotiating Pigs and a Non Irish Recipe

I thought this day would never ever come. I've laid low and had to bite my tongue on numerous occasions, but I never loved those guinea pigs to put it nicely. Well, yesterday Haldan decided they smelled bad. Don't know what finally cued him in, but glad to have him on board. It was just a matter of convincing the children, particularly Little Man. I had a great plan, but Haldan spilled the beans early and so Little Man was in tears before we even had dinner. (Which is why he's eating solo in the video.) I tried to console him, but nothing I said or did made it better until... we mentioned money. We knew he probably would have to give them away because others in the paper are going for free. So, we actually offered to buy them from him. Ok, so maybe not the best parenting strategy, but we're desperate and know our kid well. Money talks. The problem was that he started the negotiations at $100. It took about 8 minutes, but we finally settled on $41. Not the most exciting video, but documented nonetheless.

We had a paper plate/Black Bean Salsa night. It could be an appetizer, but I consider it filling enough for a dinner. And although the video appeared that Little Man didn't like it, both children actually did eat it and like it. They call it "Grandma's salsa" because my mom has made it several times that they remember. It actually comes from the kitchen of my sister, Shawna LeSueur. Delish! Perfect with the scoops tortilla chips, but you could opt for baked as a healthier alternative. I halved it since Haldan is on a diet, but he actually did eat some.



The recipe was sized to a 4x6 card, so you can save it and print it out. Enjoy.

I just have to say that I'm really not a lover of St Patrick's Day. Not prejudiced, just not Irish, don't love the color green, or irish cuisine for that matter. Pokey did insist on a green shirt for picture day though. "I have to wear green" was the first thing uttered from her mouth before she was even up and coherent. I did manage to find something sorta green for her and she was a semi-happy camper. Oh, and I almost got in an accident downtown attempting to get to work today. There was a parade about to start and a bunch of very impatient people. Geez. Blasted holiday.

Btw, this post was supposed to come last night, but the blogger video upload wan't cooporating and I fell asleep before it was done. Trying youtube today. Hope it works.

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  1. Haha! Love the negotiations! That's my kind of parenting!