A piece of Florida.

Here's a few video clips until I can get all of my pictures sorted through. Note to self: Only take 1 camera on the next trip. We ended up with 6 cameras and 3 cell phones worth of photos. Very time consuming and a little confusing to say the least.

This process has made me realize I am pathetic when it comes to videos. Everything about them. I actually have hardly any footage of my children when they were tiny. It is a huge regret for me, but I can't go back now. The only video was when we borrowed friends' camcorders for special occasions. Sad, I know. I finally got one a couple years ago for Christmas, but it's been a challenge for me to figure out how to take photos and video. I'm a one track mind sorta gal. I've kind of left it up to Haldan, who obviously could care less about documenting anything. No offense intended. Anyhow, I've had to really consciously think about it lately because I've decided I had better start now while I still have kids. So, this is pretty new to me. We are pathetic videographers, if that's the right word. Not only is the footage boring, but there are white spots smack in the middle. Must be on the lens. And I'm clueless as to how to download them or edit them. This is big for me. So, with all that in mind... please think kind thoughts while viewing. (No editing was done at all- fast forward through the boring parts.) If you want to hear anything, just pause the music at the bottom of the screen.

Oh, one other little disclaimer. I actually am a law abiding citizen most of the time and not a bad influence for my children as Haldan so eloquently put it. There is a keep out sign, but come on... we're not going to make it back to the sand dunes in Destin, Florida anytime soon and what's the worst thing that could happen? A fine? You only live once.

Haldan refused to cross the fence (if you can even call it that) and so he taped us from quite a ways away down on the beach. If they wanted us to stay out maybe they should maintain the fence better to prevent the temptation. Just thought I should let you know why we look microscopic in the video incase you were wondering.

FYI: The photo I attempted to take on the top of the dunes totally didn't turn out. Little Man sneezed and it landed smack on Pokey's ear, which upset her and then Little Man took off down the hill. Good times. Watch carefully.

The last video clip is Little Man and I racing on the beach. In my defense I just have to say that he totally cheated (we were supposed to stop at the stick) and that we were going way faster than it looks on the video. Have you ever tried to run in the sand without shoes?

I've decided he only likes to race me because he always wins. I could use about 6 more inches of legs. I'm definitely not a sprinter. I should just give up on that pipe dream.

So, as we take off I'm feeling pretty good and he shouts, "You're going to run out of gas!" Sure enough, his prediction was right on- like always. But we shared a moment, hopefully one he will remember.

Hopefully I'll be able to download a slideshow of pics in a few days. I don't know how many there are, but I didn't take as many as normal. I kicked back. Little Man and Haldan made up for it though. They get ahold of a camera and never stop snapping. Don't know where they get that. Hmm...

There is also some video from our dolphin cruise, but that will definitely have to be edited... another day.

Thank you Rena and Chris for an amazing time. We owe ya!

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