So, the past few months I have been experiencing my own personal hell.

It would appear to be a happy picture from the outside... but what can't be seen is the inner battle going on inside of me. I have been questioning every decision I've made up to this point in my life; deep soul searching kind of stuff. And although I still have much to figure out, I'm doing better. I am going to try really hard to focus on the beautiful things in my life because they are abundant.

It seems when I ended my 2009 Project 365 and started on my Project Alicia journey that I lost many of my followers. I would ask you to please stick with me while I work through my inner demons. I need support and friendship now more than ever.

I will still be posting photos occasionally and my weekly P365 pics. And the occasional recipe. I got some good ones from Martha this week.

So, please grab this button and come back and visit every now and again.


Copy and paste this code into a sidebar widget (HTML/Java Script):
<a "href="><img src="" /<>a<

So, I have grown in more ways than one tonight. I wasn't even sure what a blog button was a few months ago. I actually googled it and found a great tutorial. If you are interested click here.

It's hard to believe how far technology has come.

"In 1980, many telephones were attached to walls, facts were found in books, and people had to browse shelves in a record store if they wanted to buy the latest music. " (You can read the whole article here.) We've come a LONG way, baby.

We can now send messages half way around the world in seconds, have information available 24-7 at our fingertips, and make blog buttons. Who knew?


  1. Alicia, I haven't left a comment in some time but, I do follow your blog. It's good to remember why we do the things we do and it's hard to feel lost. I hope that you find what you are ultimately looking for. Hang in there and it's great that you are focusing on the beautiful things that surround us.

  2. Beautiful blog. The button looks awesome! Thanks so much for adding my button, I am honored!

  3. I've been looking into buttons but then would need to change the format of my blog. I like the new light look of your blog. Have you seen my new header? Not Alicia-fancy but the best I could do on picnik. I'm still here. But let me tell you there are a lot more people reading your blog than the ones that comment. I found that out for myself too. Although I wish they would comment! I love feedback. Its hard putting so much effort into something and putting it out in the world and that's it.

  4. hey beautie! i'm visiting cuz michele told me bout u. she said u need the hookup with followers. how bout i help you out with one more add? *wink*

  5. Alicia, still following your blog and saying a prayer for you.

  6. I'm still here! Just slow ;) Sending lots of love your way!!!!!!!!!!!!