(Visualize an Al Bundy type photo here. I didn't have anything great, but promise to pull my camera out of hibernation soon.)

Besides the obvious annoyances: farting, belching, loud boystrous shouting at meaningless, trivial sporting events and such, leaving piles of clothes strewn about the house, having obnoxious pet names for everything (i.e. Wal-Mart= Wally World, coupons=tampons, handicap=handicrap, etc), hogging the remote, and oh of course, sleeping through oh-say, ANYTHING...

I have a few new ones.

Today I have been accused of being too old to blog. It's for people a decade younger who grew up with computers and can have followers who understand the blog realm.

I was also accused of having a speech impediment because MEN only hear what they want and don't really listen, and of course need some lame excuse when they realize the obvious... they are screwed because they weren't listening.

Oh, and let us not forget the plea to never have garlic again because according to him the smell was eminating from my pores.

So, in light of these recent blunt remarks I've decided to blog more, talk more often and more annoyingly, and yes folks... eat garlic. What are some great foods with garlic? Hmmm...

It seems only fair. Don't ya think? All is fair in love and war. Am I wrong?

But oh, then they have to go and do something super sweet like help you paint an annoying bathroom with like a million obstacles just when you were at your wit's end. And finish up the last of the trim that was out of your 60+ inch reach on tippy toes. Ok, I'm a bit phobic of ladders, but not important here. Focus.

They are curious creatures. Whoever thought that we could ever work together long term was a pot smokin' crazy!

But at the end of the day, even when you can't stand them and nothing about them makes sense, ya can't help but love 'em- quirks and all... (Well, at least most days.)


  1. Oh Alicia. This is sadly funny. If that's the wrong take, I'm sorry.

  2. No, Devon... meant to be sarcastic. We have to laugh, right?

  3. Or forget the "gotta love 'em" and just hate them for a while. That's what I do. Then I wake up the next morning and forget about it. I hate the sleeping through anything also. I often say to Jason, "I hate having a boy roommate!!!" Boys are just icky. But I'm also very particular about everything and have a certain why I like things in my house-which leads to my annoyances with Jason. btw, I can hear Haldan saying those things. lol. Oh and garlic goes on EVERYTHING!!!!

  4. You're funny, Anna. Always look forward to your candid comments. "Boys are icky"... why do we even like them?

  5. don't quit blogging - - journaling is meant for anyone and blogging is nothing but that, using a greater medium for open sharing with others. I totally believe blogging is theraputic!

  6. I think your funny too. I agree though, Alan has tons of quirks that bug me...but it's the sweet moments that erase those moments of bugging. I even know that I have quirks that SHOULD bother any human-being but my husband is not one to tell me about them....and I'm forever reminding him of his. It is funny how man and woman can co-exist with so many differences. :)

  7. p.s. I think you should keep doing things that make you.... you....Otherwise, you wouldn't be Alicia. :) (this comment could be read into in many different ways...but I just mean stay true to your core. We all have things we want to work on ourselves, and we all have things that others want to work on for themselves. but just stay true) :)

  8. Oh my, you got it. My husband and his ways not only confuse me, but irk the hell out of me. Still, every day when he's gone (well, most days) I miss him.

  9. LOVE this post!! It is so true. I just don't understand them and have given up trying. Mine does all of the same that you just mentioned. When he can't find something it's automatically assumed that I moved it or have done something with it. His shoes are all over this house (and they are big!). And he never puts a dirty dish where it belongs. But at the end of the day he works amazingly hard to provide for his family; he loves his kids (and me!) with all his heart; and he puts up with me and my annoying traits ;-)