Dear Nail World,

What was intended as a little girl bonding time turned into a bit of a nightmare thanks to you...

From this day forward I vow to never step foot inside your nail salon, as much as anyone begs or as nice as they say it is... because I have a horrible taste in my mouth and it is just not worth it. (You might think this sounds a little extreme. Sure, I will cool down in a few days, but I guess it's the principle of it. If you don't think I can carry it out you should read about IHOP. And no, I have not been back.)

These are the 10 reasons why I will never return:
1. You made fun of my legs.

2. You told me my daughter was beautiful and then promptly asked if she looked like her daddy.

3. You don't speak English and spoke some gibberish and laughed amongst yourselves.

4. You placed my feet in a bucket of cold water for 1 hour and left me.

5. You did a lousy rendition of a french pedicure because you wouldn't do what I asked you to.

6. You worked on 5 and 6 people at a time not giving me the proper attention required.

7. You wouldn't let me choose my own nail color and instead chose a hideous grandma variety.

8. You made me wait almost 2 hours before getting to my nails, moving me 4 different times, then rubbed my hands so hard I nearly cried.

9. You cut a chunk of flesh off of my nail and it bled for 10 minutes.

(This picture does not do it justice, but thought it was better than nothing- taken with point and shoot several hours later.)

10. You slapped the nail color on so fast that I had no option but to fix it, defeating the purpose of my visit.

I spent way too much $$ for a lousy experience and this is not the way to encourage repeat business. I haven't been this dissatisfied with a service in some time.

Maybe I am partially responsible for not speaking up and being more assertive, but you seemed pretty busy and you're not the easiest to talk to.

So, I am going to make a point to tell all of my friends to avoid your salon off of Wiley Blvd. I thought Capri College was too risky and that you were the better option. Instead I was mocked, forgotten, and tortured.

I am more than dissatisfied and you can rest assured that you will not be seeing me again any time soon.


  1. Been there. Many times. It's really frustrating. Even at the place I like, I've had a bad experience here and there. I hate the same things too. They make you bleed then put some crazy green liquid on it to make it stop, they insist on speaking Vietnamese to everyone else while you're right there (There is a good Seinfeld episode about that), they beat the crap out of you and call it a massage, etc...

    But I have to tell you that you complaining may have not done anything anyway because of the language barrier.

    It's frustrating that all nail salons are like that now. I've been to too many to count and I'm never fully satisfied. The massage chair is broken, the ceiling is dripping on me (actually happened. they brought me a towel. I was like wtf??!!), the people are too rough, etc... It's always something.

    By the way, I think it is just their culture to be all about husbands and children. I used to lie and said I had a boyfriend when I didn't because that's all they ever asked. Was if I had a boyfriend or if I had kids, etc.... It's what it's all about. So maybe their question about Camille looking like Haldan was just to bring up your husband. Idk.

    Anyway, I can relate!! Spread the word!

  2. Anna, your comment made me laugh. It also reminded me of thiings I totally forgot, like they rubbed my hands so hard that I almost cried and then when I looked at them my knuckles were bright red.

    I also didn't mention that I've only been to salons maybe 4 or 5 times tops, mostly sister related visits. The first time I ever had a pedicure my feet cracked and bled and were wounded for 2 weeks!! Seriously.

    Maybe the comment about daddy wasn't intended as an insult, but pretty weird.

    The langugage barrier is the reason I never spoke up- it just seemed like too much trouble and I wanted out of there in the worst way.

  3. I laughed about your friend's comment too....I've never really gone out and done the pampering bit...but honestly you're not making it sound like pampering!! I wish I could say there is a good one in C.R....but the one time I did do it, it was at a spa in the Dells...and it was my mother's day gift from Alan and they all spoke English, didn't hurt me and were very nice about letting me choose a color---probably more detremental for me because I'm so indecisive! hahaha I'm sorry you went through all of that!

  4. Sarah, I'm glad you have had at least one good experience...

    And I think I should proof my comments better next time. Oops.