Did you know?

Did you know that if your BMI is less than 19, you will be cold and probably shiver after eating?

When you eat, the work of digestion sends blood to the stomach away from your extremities. If you are underweight with a BMI of less than 19, you might feel changes in body temperature more acutely because you lack a layer of insulating fat and muscle.

If that’s the case, increase your calorie intake to reach the adequate weight range, BMI 19 -24.9, and you should feel less cold. If you are not underweight, then consult your doctor for an assessment. Low thyroid function slows the metabolism and lowers body temperature, but the symptom is not limited to mealtimes.

Isn't it strange that you can be so in the dark about a small piece of trivia your entire life?

My current BMI is 17.6 and now that I am aware of this strange phenomenon that happens I am strangely relieved; happy to finally have a clear reason for shivering uncontrollably after mealtimes. Brooke, I thought of you after reading your fb status update about being cold at restaurants.

If you are not sure what your BMI is, you can use this BMI calculator.

Update: This post was not intended to offend or make anyone feel bad. It was simply meant as an informational entry. My friend told me this morning that bigger people sweat all the time and that they would give anything to be thin and cold. I think of this as a curse, as I seem to be cold 24/7 and hate it. I guess all I can say is that the grass always looks greener on the other side, but it really isn't. Perhaps it's all in our perspective and we need to learn to be happy with who we are and accept the quirks as well as the blessings.


  1. thanks, now i'm depressed at 8:09 in the morning!

  2. hahahah I agree with Lisa!! lol

  3. I did not know that! Thank you for sharing! I know not too long ago I was slightly thinner and not sure about BMI, but was having cold issues.

  4. update back at ya......i am completely offended :) ...... 1. your bmi is offensive 2. the fact that you are talking about INCREASING your calorie intake 3. you provided an easily accessible bmi calculator for me to use at 8 this morning....thus 4. depressing me, which makes me eat more!

  5. I feel your chill! I bring a sweater when we go out to eat b/c I get so cold!

  6. great info! I don't think people realize that having a low bmi comes with it's own sets of problems. Plus I love reading about calculating bmi's (I'm a nutrition geek).

  7. What if your BMI is 50? Will you burst into flames after eating? ;P

  8. Wow. That's really interesting and I had not heard of that either. I bet it's nice to know now though.