Honest Scrap

Not sure quite what to say. This new found blog world is strange and wonderful all the same. I have made some amazing connections with women that I have never even met. The blogosphere is a tangled web of amazing late night reads... such witty, talented housewives out there. Who needs books?

Melissa from Me: Daily is one of my favorites. Articulate, witty, and honest. So, I feel honored to be receiving this award from her, only wish it didn't entail my having to exert any more effort on my part. It is indeed a peculiar sort of award.

Although I'm not sure there's much more I can tell you about myself that you don't already know... I've been rackin my brain and this is what I could come up with in a pinch.

10 Alicia quirks:
1. BMI: 17.6

2. Shiver even when it's 60 degrees outside. You can probably imagine how much I love -30 degrees In Iowa.

3. Almost always wear shades or impels under clothes, even in the summer.

4. Papparazi-like skills according to loved ones.

5. Went on a crispy bacon quest in Europe and came up empty.

6. Currently doing a hair experiment to see how long I can go without washing my hair. So far 4 days max.

7. Corn is the topping of choice with my mashed potatoes.

8. Heaven help the person who defiles my birthday with anything other than an angel food cake with white fluffy icing- they cannot be penetant enough.

9. Prefer almost all vegetables raw to cooked.

10. I recently paid my son $41 of my own hard earned money to get rid of his guinea pigs. I just couldn't take the stench any longer!

And now it is my privilege to pass this on to 3 other deserving recipients. This is who comes to mind when I think of HONEST BLOGGING...

Anna Lisa of Tales from Olympia is indeed one of the most honest bloggers I know. She begrudgingly joined the blog world recently and shares very poignant, insightful posts about life as a new mom and wife.

Gigi of five amazing minutes is also an honest blogger. Her Friday Flip Offs are Fantastic. Pop over for a good vent. "sometimes it's good. sometimes it's bad. sometimes it's just ugly. stories that will vex, amuse, inspire and annoy you" pretty much says it all.

Birdie of Soldier's Lady made me laugh so hard tonight my son thought I was crying. She missed her call in life. I don't know what she's going to school for, but it should be writing.

Ladies, do with this what you wish. I think I've sent you all awards before. What can I say? You are still my favorites!


  1. oh I am going to go check out those blogs!!!! I would give my right arm for that bmi :)

  2. Thanks so much! It's nice to know all that poop-filled nudity wasn't all a waste!:)

  3. I love reading about myself on your blog. lolololol..... thinking of 7 things about myself last time was hard...now I gotta think of 10 hm....

  4. oh and holy wow!! You have 54 followers!! this is big time!!

  5. Thank you Alicia!!!!! heads up...my blog address [and name] have changed as of today. I finally had to give in and move to Wordpress...I think I am gonna lose all of my hard earned followers! Here's my new URL: www.kludgymom.com :)