Let's talk vitamins.

So, these are the vitamins I've been attempting to take...

Did you check out the size of those buggers? They are HUMONGOUS! (as in extraordinarily large.)

When I was a kid I couldn't swallow pills. Period. It didn't matter the size. They just wouldn't go down. I tried all the tricks and it would still be on my tongue when the drink was gone. Then I would usually dissolve half of it before it came catapulting out of my mouth.

I've tried a lot of vitamins over the years trying to find the fountain of youth, and although this isn't it... it does give me energy and helps a bit with my digestive issues.

Now if I could only get them to go down. I'm not talking about swallowing. I've overcome that for the most part. I mean all the way down. The taste lingers and it is repulsive! I've taken to drinking them down with Slimfast or Naked, just to mask the smell and horrific taste. Plus it seems to help them go down easier.

What I can't figure out is how to get them past my throat. They seem to lodge there and then you have vitamin flavored burps like all day long. It's disgusting. Really.

And there's nothing quite like vitamin pee... great stuff. It does, however, keep husband from lingering in the bathroom too long.

I would like to say that I get all the nutrients required in my diet alone, however, I'm not a pot smoker and can't say that with a clear conscience. I'm a crappy eater overall. I need help.

So, my friends, I ask- am I doing something wrong? Why is it so dang nasty?

And if you've found something better please do share. I'm willing to keep a secret.


  1. Why don't you take them at night?? That's what I've done in the past with Fish Oil. That way I'm not burping it up all day. I also know what you mean by vitamin pee. There is no escaping that. But if you're not getting the vitamins in your diet.... you are out of luck! Sorry!

  2. My sister is a distributor for a vitamin powder mix called ProArgi-9. She swears by it. You can look it up on-line. It's pretty pricey but if you're interested I'll let her know.