Oh yeah, baby!

Thanks so much to Soldier's Lady for this honor today. (Does it help that we are related? Hmm...) Nonetheless, love it all the same!

Check her out at http://www.soldierslady.blogspot.com/. She's got a charm all her own and her stories are good for lots of laughs, even when she's in a funk.

"The rules for said award are to thank the bestower (check) and list seven things about yourself."

Here's 7 little known facts about me (that you may or may not already know):

1. Secret GUILTY pleasures: lifetime movies, salt and vinegar chips, cherry coke, and of course- blogging

2. Am an anal list maker and organizer, however I hoard digital photos. I should be in digital photos anonymous. (Admitting is the first step to change.)

3. Stoked that I made it over the 20 follower hump! Thanks girls!!

4. I once passed out at a NKOTB concert and was trampled and thrown (who knows how many times) and came to in an ambulance with ice down my pants. True story. Have never been to another concert since.

5. I no longer have a coccyx. It turns out it's not that important.

6. Just started taking yoga, but also love body pump.

7. I'm going to be in New York City tomorrow for some girl time. Can't wait!

Now, I'd like to present this beautiful blogger award to...

1) Anna Lisa http://www.annalisainoly.blogspot.com/

2) Hun Duddle Hussy http://www.hunduddlehussy.com/

3) Sarah B. http://theblamiresbunch.blogspot.com/

4) Lynette http://www.iowahodsons.blogspot.com/

5) Lisa http://www.jarbofamily.blogspot.com/

6) Mandy http://mandydouglass.blogspot.com/

7) Shannon http://greenmonkeytales.blogspot.com/

(Now you ladies get to share 7 things about yourselves on your own blog!)

Wow, decisions, decisions... that was so incredibly hard. Some of these blogs I've been following for years. Some are hilarious, witty, beautiful, touching. They are all so different how can you decide on just 7.

I've recently started following many other blogs that I adore. Not to worry you could be next!

I just love how the blog world gives me an outlet and allows me to reach out and develop friendships with people I may otherwise never know- amazing, talented individuals! I appreciate all the wonderful comments and support, especially today. Thanks!!


  1. OK first, thanks for following me :)

    Second, are your #4 and #5 referring to the same incident? Just wondering.... LOL

  2. Congrats on the blog award! Thanks for following me :) I just started reading through and you are a wonderful blogger! I'm looking forward to your posts :)

  3. Congrats on the award! Woo hoo! I love salt and vinegar chips too. Sometimes I eat them so much my lips start to burn. :)

  4. Gaile, that's funny. And believe it or not the answer would be no.

    Kel E, stop back any time.

    Gigi, so glad to know another that has that passion... and yes I've experienced the lip burning sensations. Sometimes I actually burn holes in my mouth... but I can't stop!

  5. Congratulations and I'm touched that I received one from you!!!! Thanks!

  6. aaawwww, thanks for the award!

  7. Congratulations :) Love the list! Have a great weekend!!

  8. You so deserve this award, related or not! I love your blog, it is beautiful and I've admired it from the get-go. Now I need to get my booty in gear and dress my blog up.