Hair's Revenge


After 2 weeks of a semi-successful experiment... it all went to CRAP!! I think this is my hair's way of getting back at me.

Day 1 (Wed) I didn't have time to properly do my hair, so I opted for braids and a cute hat. Fine.

Day 2 (Thurs) Not so fine when I removed braids. Revealed a wild, ratted mess. Worked it with my spiral iron and wore a wild outfit to match the crazy hair in an attempt to pull it off. Failed miserably.

Day 3 (Fri) My dry shampoo malfunctioned! Not sure what exactly happened, but it appeared to have just evaporated into thin air. When I went to use it NOTHING came out. Had to improvise with a hat. [Note: Give Ulta a piece of my mind.]

Day 4 (Sat) Washed hair. I just couldn't stand it another day. It was supposed to be 30 mi/hr gusts of wind and I could just imagine the nightmare shape my hair would be in after sitting at the soccer field for an hour, so I opted for curly. I normally air dry and use most of the natural curl, but there was no time for that so I blew it most of the way dry.

10 minutes before needing to be in the car on the way to my son's guitar concert...

My spiral iron started on fire! Yes, you heard right- FIRE! I had only curled half of my head.

I immediately unplugged it. [Lesson I extracted from my toaster catching fire.] And this is what I was left with... half a head of very frizzy hair. 8 minutes left now and AHHHH. What's a girl to do? There was no time to wet it down and start over. Think, think... 7 minutes and counting...

Messy bun it is. Another not so great hair day to round off my week.

So, this post is for all of you who were under the impression that I have great hair-- WRONG!! So, incredibly wrong.

And... I have compiled quite a list for the Friday Flip Offs over at kludgymom. Stop over and give her a visit if you've had a week like mine.


  1. As someone whose hair, all the time...I give you credit for even getting your hair to do anything and having it stay that way.

    Dear fine hair: I hate you.

  2. Yeah, I hate my thin, fine hair! I'd trade you hair any day! About a month ago, I was blow drying my hair when the dryer made a loud popping noise and sparks flew from it! That was friggin' scary! I guess the heating element blew.

  3. Is it bad that I started laughing when I read that your curling iron started on fire? It just reminded me of all the trouble you had with the toaster fire. I think small appliances have it in for you, I'd watch out. Thank you for the comic relief. Sorry your hair is being such a pain. Sometimes mine just goes on strike.

  4. Enjoying because I go through all my 19 year old daughter's hair styles...we made four pages in her senior scrapbook of different hair styles. Her friend just cut my hair...they are keeping me up to date, even if I protest at age 49!, it is fun. Now to have the body to go with it. LOL
    I need to send this to my daughter...
    Enjoyed and laughed...thanks,

  5. But you look so cute in that picture!! :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Your post made me whistful for the days when I had 5 minutes to do something with my hair....

  7. caught on fire??!!!! Ok That's nuts. I've been thinking lately because I gave everyone a piece of my mind on fb about always being super cheery and not being what I deem "real", yet I am guilty because I always post edited/flattering pics of myself. I'm pondering posting an unedited/ugly or just real pic of myself on my blog.....oh I am scared...

  8. you and your friends (blow dryer) have me scared to use anything on my hair again!! I don't get why your curling iron caught fire? Sorry about your hair...but thanks for a bit of a comical relief here. :) Love you tons!! (you always look great...bad hair day/hair half-did or not!!) :)

  9. I think you look great in that picture!! I cannot believe it started on FIRE?!!! CRAZY!!!

  10. I can't believe it started on fire! That is crazy. I am glad you didn't get hurt, or worse, I am glad your hair didn't catch on fire. Imagine trying to figure out what to do with that mess!

  11. I'm actually relieved that my hair didn't catch fire too. When I realized what was going on my hair was smoking-- seriously. Luckily I was quick on my feet with this one.