Mother's Day Raincheck

I hate holidays that are commercialized and hyped up by society…

I have a theory. It may sound a bit pessimistic, but hear me out. If you don’t have TOO high of expectations, then you are pleasantly surprised with just about anything. Am I wrong?

Just two days ago I decided one day is just not sufficient enough to adequately celebrate mother’s day. Then I stopped by Live and Love… out Loud . She expressed her desire for a weekend long party.

Then I realized I actually think a week might be more appropriate.

An entire week dedicated to being pampered and cherished.

An entire week to give spouse a chance to fully appreciate all I do.

An entire week to bask in the beauty of motherhood. (You know, the thing forgotten the second that little one made his way home from the hospital when sleep deprivation and postpartum set in.)

A week for the sole purpose of helping your loved ones never want to take you for granted again.

Can they really gain a realistic perspective from just one day? I think not.

For these reasons I say it should be a WEEK long celebration at the bare minimum. But my sanity does not allow me to entertain such notions- I do realize that this is nothing more than a pipe dream.

So, I would settle for one day. One complete 24 hour day. No responsibilities. No worries. No children. Just pure and simple bliss for twenty-four hours.

Unfortunately in my reality that is also not a realistic option either, as my husband left at 3AM this morning for an all day fishing tournament and will spend the better part of tomorrow at work. So, I told him I want a raincheck; that it doesn’t count if it can’t be a complete 24 hours. He returned a smile that seemed to say, “Uh huh. You’re nuts.”

So, I go back to my original thought. If you don’t have TOO high of expectations, then you are pleasantly surprised with just about anything.

So, this will be my most favorite mother’s day EVER.

It will be like any other day, only better.

I will bask in my role as a mother and wife and rise above the occasion.

I will get up early so my partner can get plenty of sleep for his long night shift ahead.

I will cook my heart out in the kitchen and prepare 3 square meals and a yummy dessert to boot.

I will scrub the toilets and mop the floors while I whistle my favorite tune.

I will listen to fighting, screaming children with a smile and like it.

I will fold underwear and match up socks, right after I turn them all right side out cause I’m nice that way.

I will remember how much I love each child, especially when they are talking back to me.

I will treasure each and every homemade gift offered with a loving heart as only a mother has.

To lowering our expectations...

(Artwork by Pokey.)


  1. In such a funny way, you have brought tears to my eyes! Happy Mother's Day to you sweetheart! Sleep in sweet friend, sleep in!

  2. I loved this post. And totally agree with you about the week pipe dream.
    Ahhhh. Dreams are free :)

    Hope you have a good one anyway - and love that chalk writing :)

  3. MA HUMBUG hahahahaha

    But seriously-God's speed. Keep it positive and be the best Lish that you are and you just might get out of this mothers day not only alive, but happy! You know I've blogged about trying to keep expectations low a few times, in the effort that I will just be pleasantly surprised. but that only works sometimes.

  4. Great post. I also live life with no regrets and no expectations. Its what makes my life full. Happy Mothers Day.

  5. I am in full agreement with you about not having high expectations. Each year I try to have that thought but end up feeling let down.

    Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope that your day is a perfect normal.

  6. Beautiful post, I like your quote "If you don’t have TOO high of expectations, then you are pleasantly surprised with just about anything." that is so true!

    Happy Mother's Day to you! Btw, I have an award for you waiting on my blog. Drop by if you have a chance :D

  7. This is a GREAT post!! I also really like what you said about not having too high of expectations. You know, you could've just posted that pic and it still would've been a great post - that is SO sweet!!

  8. Being a mother is all about not having expectations. Love the post and happy mother's day to everybody!

  9. I, too, love the reminder to change one's expectations. As I opened my early mother's day card from my son, made at school, where he wrote that I'm about 70 years old, weigh 80 pounds (sweet!) and that I'm the best mom ever, I realized that I don't need anything else than that!

    But I do hope you don't have to fold laundry, at least :) Happy Mother's Day! So glad we have connected in the blogosphere!

  10. In general, I feel like if I keep the expectations low, I won't be disappointed. :)

  11. I'd like a week, but, I'll take a day, or a morning, or just one beautiful moment...

  12. happy mother's day!
    go on with your mother-lovin' self....but don't turn the clothes right-side out, just today!

  13. Great post! I love what you say here!!

  14. LOL, I hope you still had a nice day!

  15. First of all, thank so much for the shout out! :)
    Second, you're so right...a week-long Mother's Day would be absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately, it would probably take that long for our spouses and children to really appreciate us but we're stuck with one day so we might as well take it. lol
    I sure hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day. My hubby ended up having to head to bed at 7pm because he wasn't feeling well, but I still had a great day.
    Thanks so much for stopping by again. Have a great night Alicia.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  16. Yep, perfect.
    My favorite part of many times my kids yelled at each other to stop fighting because "IT IS MOTHERS DAY!!!"

  17. Week? I vote a moth. I celebrate my birthday for a month. Mother's Day should be the same! I love this. I found you through SITS, of course. And I will be back. Your photos are to die for!