Tender Mercies.

Two weeks ago I had a scheduled appointment to have a couple more suspicious looking moles removed. Feeling slightly uneasy to the point of nausea… I sat on the table half naked waiting for the doctor to appear. Those few moments felt like an eternity as I imagined them filleting me open like a fish and leaving my body marred. I had already had to have a couple pre-cancerous ones removed. One of which took at least a year to heal. They took a large chunk of flesh and, although the mark is finally fading, it is still a reminder of what was cut out of me. I was dreading the inevitable.

Then a second doctor arrived.

Then something miraculous happened…

I didn’t have to have them cut.

It was the general consensus amongst the doctors that my moles looked fine. Better. Improved.


Can this happen?

I wasn’t arguing.

I was ecstatic. Maybe I wasn’t such damaged goods after all.

This was cause to celebrate.

I bought new underwear and ate a giant burger and spent a lazy day with my husband, free of pain and holes.

Was this a miracle? A freak phenomenon? A coincidence? A tender mercy?

I’m not sure, but my mind has been preoccupied with the notion of “tender mercies” lately.

Maybe it’s because I want so desperately to believe in something greater than myself, that there is a divine being in charge up there.

I've been in a strange place lately questioning things that I once believed. I can no longer rely on others. I want to know these things for myself. I want signs.

I remember listening to a talk by David Bednar in which he defined tender mercies…. “ very personal and individualized blessings, strength, protection, assurances, guidance, loving-kindnesses, consolation, support, and spiritual gifts which we receive from and because of and through the Lord Jesus Christ.”

I think so often in life we are granted these sweet tender mercies, yet fail to recognize or acknowledge them. We go about our days and focus on the mishaps and the frustrations and don’t stop to really reflect on the blessings. Would we notice them more if they were life altering?

I believe that we are all granted tender mercies… in small, subtle ways every single day.

the unexpected smile from a stranger on a trying day

a note from a long lost friend

a beautiful sunset

selfless acts of service among siblings

beautiful days at the park with loved ones

a kind email or fb “how are you?”

anonymous goodies left on your front porch

I challenge you to take a look around. Don’t let the tender mercies in your life go unnoticed.


  1. I really loved this post. It made me stop and think of tender mercies that have occured in my life. Thanks!

  2. So well said, Alicia. Beautiful.

  3. what a great post! And I'm glad to hear all was well with your moles. I'm a moley girl, too, and have a big scar on my chest from having one removed several years ago. i swear it still "hurts" if anything touches it, but i think it's more of a phantom thing that anything.

    i would love it if someone left me goodies on my front porch! :)

  4. Very well said! I try to do my best to acknowledge the little things the Big Guy is doing in my life. He knows me very well and has proved it over and over again! Glad everything worked out well for you and glad you celebrated it.

  5. Amen, friend. I am so glad things went the way they did for you!!

    Last night before going to sleep, hubby was naming all the things he's been blessed with in life...now I wish I hadn't been too half-asleep to join in.

  6. So true. Lately I have been thankful for what didn't happen...thankful for being able drive up and down the freeway and not have a wreck...my children being healthy...focusing on the "yes" in life and not the "nos".

  7. Tender Mercies...huh.......that's a good way of describing them. I, though, like you have been feeling starved for signs, revelations, and epiphanies. I feel like when I was younger they came to me all the time. But now I'm grasping for them constantly. I guess in the meantime I will have to just find the tender mercies in my life.

  8. Thanks for the reminder, Alicia. Sometimes, I need one. :)

  9. Yes thank you for the reminder...this is a beautiful post and reminds me to appreciate the little things and the tender mercies...

  10. Beautiful post Alicia. First, I'm glad all was okay with the moles - a big yay to you. Second, I have discovered in the last few years, due to some traumatic times in our family, that my own tender mercies have come out of the toughest times. Or maybe I am able to see them more during those times because I NEED to, I don't know. Either way, I am grateful when I experience them. Always love your posts :)

  11. So glad that you didn't have to get sliced and diced. Yay! I totally agree about tender mercies. They are everywhere if only we take time to see them.

  12. Wow! I could relate to this post. I just had a mole removed from my scalp last week. The doctor initially didn't think it was anything, but I had a cancerous mole removed 4 years ago, so I didn't want to take any chances. He turned out to be right--it was nothing this time. But now, the incision site didn't heal right. I had the stitches removed on Tuesday, but there's still a gaping hole in my head that apparently got infected! The infection seems to be going away, but I still have the hole. I'm glad it wasn't cancer but I didn't need a hole in my head! LOL!

  13. I feel like my life has been full of tender mercies! What a great reminder to focus on them instead of what brings us down.

  14. Glad to hear everything is good! I have moles. Bleh.

    I love noticing tender mercies. They come in such a different tone than most other interactions, I find that usually, they are a welcomed nicety. It's just a few words that might stand out from the rest, a little thing that is a bit uplifting.

    Beautiful, thoughtful post!

  15. That is exactly what I needed to hear this morning! Thanks!

  16. I believe tender mercies are what this life should be made of...
    Beautifully written!
    What a tender soul.
    I participated in your blog frog question..but you are IT! Of course if there werent insecurities there might be cockines...and no one likes that. Congratulations!