Week 17 {365} Finally Free From Flat Stanley

So, the infamous Flat Stanley stopped in for a visit to our neck of the woods. I love my niece and would do almost anything for her, but UGH. What timing.

So, I think this is like the 4th time we've had a visit from good old Stanley. And I feel a need to let the world know that IOWA, heartland of America, might not be the best place to drop in for a visit, particularly if you are "Flat Stanley".

1. There are no famous people or places to see. And no postcards to go home with.

2. It is just as windy, if not windier than Chicago, and there's great risk of being blown away.

3. You might be eaten by a bear.

4. And when boredom sets in there is no telling what may happen. (No one was injured during this stunt, including Stanley, and I would not recommend trying it without adult supervision.)

When Flat Stanley's life was not in jeopardy we did have some fun.

Highlights include:
Watching Little Man's guitar concert
Attending a soccer game with 30 mi/hr wind gusts
Stopping by a cornfield & windmill
Delivering May Baskets
Riding in the car
Meeting John Wayne
Being saved from the fangs of a bear
Riding bob the builder ride and a carousel
Riding an escalator
Meeting Herky the Hawkeye


If you have never been privy to a visit from Flat Stanley, I'll share a brief synopsis of how he came to be.

In 1964 a man by the name of Jeff Brown wrote a book featuring Stanley Lambchop. After an incident where a bulletin board fell on him he became completely flat and so began the adventures of Flat Stanley.

In 1995 a 3rd grade school teacher in Canada came up with the bright idea of the Flat Stanley project, where children could send Stanley different places and write of his experiences.

In 2005, more than 6,000 classes from 47 countries took part in the Flat Stanley Project.

The project was featured in a 2004 episode of the animated TV series King of the Hill, in which Nancy Gribble received a Flat Stanley doll in the mail, which Peggy Hill and Luanne Platter photographed in a number of dangerous situations, resulting in the school's Flat Stanley Project being cancelled.
(Read more here.)

(Note to self: Must find that King of the Hill episode.)

It is a crazy phenomenon that made for a crazy weekend here. My family kept accusing me of liking him, when in fact I was merely the only one not plotting his demise. There was lots of grumbling and I found myself cursing that 3rd grade teacher on occasion.

When I googled Flat Stanley I found this photo- too funny. So, I guess Stanley gets around.

FYI: The original Flat stanley is safe and sound. We only set fire to a duplicate we made for fun.

I'm happy to report that we did it. (Sigh.) And now Stanley will be returned to his home in Florida.


  1. that's flippin HILARIOUS....i want a flat stan!! very cute pics.

  2. I'm glad you explained because I was like what the heck?? It reminds me of Dappy. Do you know Dappy? We had it in school in Iowa. A little stuffed lima bean that we got to take home and write about our time together. hahah.Looks like you gave Flat Stanley a good time!!

  3. I've never heard of Flat Stanley! He looks like a lot of fun, and I felt bad for him that he was set on fire! I like the one of him riding the escalator.

    Soccer games with those winds are SO not fair for the team kicking INTO that wind.

  4. No one ever responded to Michael's pleas for his Flat Stanley, we should have sent it to you. LOL! How did you get that bear shot?

  5. Sounds like a fabulous day. I think Flat Stanley would have also enjoyed the Des Moines Science Museum, especially the bubble room.

  6. Just wait... you will all have a turn if you haven't already.

    Anna, I'm sure you'll have your chance to play with Flat Stanley soon enough.

    Liz, he wasn't actually set on fire. It was a duplicate. And it was all in fun.

    Amanda, the bear shot was at Scheels. And you totally should have sent him our way. We're becoming pro.

    Jen, the bubble room would have been perfect if it wasn't 2 hours away. We did manage to make a trek to Iowa City (30 min south).

  7. As a teacher, I think the concept of Flat Stanley is pretty brilliant -- lots of potential for extension activities in the classroom. But I know I'd be GROANING should I ever receive one in the mail... too much responsibility!!!! :)

  8. haha!!! I gasped when I saw you caught Flat Stanley on fire!!!! Glad to know its a duplicate! The Bear picture cracked me up!!! We had a visit a few years back from Flat Stanley too - but I never knew how it started... that was neat to know!

  9. What a darling idea!!! That post was hilarious!!! Well written! The bear picture is priceless!

  10. Flat Stanley is a funny way to see the world. It's like having your own best friend to do stuff with and then send him to someone else! I always wanted to participate in something like that, but never knew how to get into it! Lol

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    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for your visits to my blog. We've never had a Flat Stanley experience. It looks like fun (but also some work). I have some Iowa connections. My husband and I went to college in Orange City and my sis-in-law and father-in-law live in Spencer. Have a great day!

  13. I love Flat Stanley being eaten by the bear!! Enjoy your blog, and thanks for stopping by mine today!

  14. Don't tell the Selvin's I have had one of their Flat Stanley's for months.

    I love The Broken Road song that is playing on your site. The Selah version is awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. J Daniel4's Mom: I tried to shoot you an email, but you are a "no-reply" person. Bummer. Your comment cracked me up. Maybe because I need to get this Flat Stanley in the mail and it's still sitting here next to me.

  16. Boy do I remember Flat Stanley! -- Glad you had fun and glad it's over (for your sake!) I'm your newest follower!

  17. I haven't experienced the Flat Stanley phenomenon before, but I know it's coming as my oldest is finishing up kindergarten this year. I really love how flat stanley got eaten by a bear and set on fire!