Project Alicia : Friday Flip-Offs 6/18 Edition

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs 6/18 Edition

This is Friday-Flip Offs, the place to rid yourself of all that random annoying crap that seems to worm it's way into your life and fester like a boil just below the surface waiting to explode.

Gigi at Kludgymom is the brains behind this brilliant idea. Please stop by and give her some love. She's got some great FFOs to read.

So, without further ado, let's begin this VIRTUAL DETOX. Ahem...

To that little chunk of wood that strategically placed itself in my path so that I would fall flat on my face (while walking into the movies) and be humiliated by a carload of sorry tweens laughing hysterically at me. Flip Off!

To my saturn wagon that thought it was trying out for the sequel to Carrie. You may think that turning on all the lights and making all the gauges stop working simultaneously would make you seem possessed, but you underestimate me. Flip Off!

To my retarded, super sensitive skin that fell off leaving a hole where my knuckle used to be all while attempting to punch a boxing paddle at my workout class on monday. Um, yeah. Sure. It hurt like the dickens for 3 days straight and I may have whined like a baby on occasion, but I’m tougher than you know and my body is resilient. I win. Flip off!

To my battery charger that has gone missing and left me high and dry not able to capture multiple photo ops. You are replaceable. Flip Off!

To my patience that has been less than stellar lately. We both know you and I have not always seen eye to eye, but after some strategic planning I’m back on track and not going to let you get the better of me again. Flip Off!

To the habitual hurricane that is doing some serious damage in my home making for exhausting, endless cleaning and preventing me from getting the adequate rest required for optimal functioning. I am now cranky. Is that what you wanted? Flip Off!

To laundry, dishes, and hormones that will only stop terrorizing me once I'm dead. Triple Flip Off!!

{insert deep breath here}

I'm feeling so much better!

Now it's YOUR turn. What is bugging you these days? If you are in need of a great vent, try Friday Flip-Offs. It's free and so therapeutic and I'm sure you already have plenty of material. Give it a go! Then stop by the other FFOs. They are so entertaining and sure to bring some good gut rolling laughs.


  1. skin falling off knuckles!?!?! Yikes AND yuck!

  2. Just love your creativity in the flip-offs. Such understatement and wit! Well done and have a fabulous weekend.

  3. I won't/can't even say more about laundry. I'm flipping it off too!

    Sorry about the knuckle...did the same thing myself this week!

    I'm SO with you on the patience thing - I might blog about it next week :(

  4. Hear hear!

    I love your Flip Off Friday posts! They always make me feel better too.

  5. heard most of these at the pool today....cept the tweens laughing at you falling on your face, now i'm imagioning it and laughing myself! that sucks!

  6. Aww they all sound terrible...Just go back to my blog and watch my sister get her hair sucked into the vacuum cleaner! Bahha, thanks for your lovely comment.

    I hope your week is better next week :) Focus on the good things.

    Have a beautiful night..

    K xx

  7. Great flip off's! I'll join you with the laundry, dishes and hormones - sadly I don't think they will ever leave us alone. Falling over random things in front of people is one of my specialities so I know where you're coming from :)

  8. Great venting! Love the Friday flip-offs!

  9. heres a slip off to ALL house work. its friday right? It counts as a no cleaning holiday?!
    Once you get strength over your patience, send me the secret...I am lacking...BAD!!!

  10. You've had some serious car trouble this week? And falling in front of tweens? that sounds like a mom's worst nightmare. they'll never let you live that down I'm sure.

    how did accutane work for you? I'm curious. I've never had to go on it but doc is talking about it for me in October when I get less sun exposure.

  11. Great flip offs this week. Those damn tweens! I'm just picturing what immature response I would have to that. I hope you have a great Father's Day weekend!

  12. Death is the only escape from laundry. If I ever win the lottery I'm tempted to just buy new clothes whenever they get dirty. Eventually, I'll probably end up broke MC Hammer style. It will be worth it.

  13. I think your charger and my charger ran off to Vermont together to get married! I can't find mine anywhere!! Sorry you fell:( But when we were their age, that would have been classic huh? Hee hee. Have a great weekend fellow flipper friend of mine!

  14. The patience one is a goody!! It has gotten the best of me this week as well!!

  15. I am so with you on the habitiual hurricane, it hits my house EVERYDAY!!!!

  16. haha awesome flip offs! Particularly liked your description of your car trying out for a part in the movie Carrie...hahahaha awesome

  17. Wow, I love your scrapbooking work! Good flip offs though I think you may be referring to Christine instead of Carrie. However, I do totally love King movie references and it's scary how often they come up... heh, scary.

    Tweens just deserve a perpetual flip off. Though sometimes they crack me up.

  18. You crack me up! I love this feature on your blog and it makes an already great Friday even better!

  19. You've had a heck of a week, haven't you? I hope you're okay after that embarrassing fall. Teens/tweens can be really immature and sensitive sometimes. My son laughs at everything and it drives me bananas sometimes.
    I hope the issues with the car work out somehow. I totally understand how frustrating it can be to go down to one vehicle. We're doing that right now and it's a huge pain.
    All in all, I'd like to send a big fat FLIP OFF to everything on your list since I'm dealing with most of them as well! lol Thanks for stopping by Lish. Hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  20. Hey, when you join in Friday Flip offs do you actiually have to say FLIP OFF or can you just attach a post about a day that made you want to sya FLIP OFF to the whole world, some bad drivers, a policeman, a traffic ticket and a mean old lady??? ACn I attach that one??

  21. I had battery charger issues this week too! So annoying! (fixed my link by the way -- thanks!)

  22. OK I've attached my sad sorry tale. And I really did Flip off a mean old lady, FOR REAL.

  23. Falling in front of Tweens, I want to throw up for you! I hate Tweens, Flip Off to them!
    Sorry your car is freaking out, give it a good punch with that raw knuckle.

  24. I LOVE Friday Flip Offs and I participated for the first time last week. Yours are great... don't you feel better? Sorry about your hand.