After This I'll Be Exalted To Heaven, Directly.

{Written Monday, July 26th, 2010 at 11:20PM}

At the risk of becoming a rabid blogger as my niece so eloquently put it, I’ve decided a break from the blogging world could do this girl a world of good.

And what perfect timing. Hubs has planned a trip away to Washington, as in the state. I’ve been dragging my feet committing for multiple reasons. Mostly because what started as a boy’s fishing trip for him and a buddy has somehow become a family excursion. When approached with this insane notion I instantly said no. “You go have a swankin fun time with your friend.”

He wanted ME- moi- this little chicky who prefers hotels over motels anyday, wears lipstick and eyeliner boating, and can only camp 2 days max before going mad, to go on a fishing charter for 8 hours straight for half the week? Um, love ya and all, but that sounds a bit like hell on earth. Seriously? And he just wouldn’t let up. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why he would ever want me to go along on a guy fishing trip.

Not to even mention the 35 hour drive one way tucked in the back between the kiddos because this trip is not exactly in the budget and tickets out of Iowa are outrageous. Long car trips and I, well… Have I ever mentioned that my oil glands go into super hyperdrive in the car? Nothing makes a girl feel skankier than having so much oil on her face that frying an egg becomes a possibility. After 6+ blotting sheets a girl feels a bit like a McDonald’s fry cook, at the very least. And please don't tell me it will keep me young... I've heard it all. It just down right sucks.

His folks live that way and he wanted adequate bonding moments for the children. So, of course, he wants me to go to mind them. Perhaps he’s worried their dynamic personalities might send Gram’s over the edge.

I could go on, but I think I’ve painted a lovely enough image here. After many sleepless nights, therapy, and month+ of hemming and hawing over this painful decision that seemed to be a no win/win I’m sucking it up and going to paint on my happy face and make the most of it and have a fab time doing it dang it.

I am doing it mostly for the kidlets. Of all the weeks in the entire year, he HAD to pick the ONE week that not one, but both kids have a b-day. Yes, that’s right. Little Man and Pokey have a b-day one day apart the first week of August. And this did not happen by choice, trust me. Little Man came 2 weeks late while Pokey was induced 5 days early on Little Man’s b-day.

It’s not like two different sexed children have anything in common and could possibly share a birthday party. Heck no. For the sake of my sanity we only have birthday parties every other year. On the opposite year we do trips.

I just found out today that the trip is in 4 days, as in 4 days from this very moment. But hubs always fills me in on all the details and there is no way that I could have possibly been misled about what day we were leaving.

And as of now the children STILL have no idea we are going. They asked me today if they could go to a waterpark for their birthdays. If you remember back to the start of our South Dakota Adventures, I was pretty clear about my feelings regarding kids and trips. "If there was ever an unspoken kid rule that should be in the mysterious master manual it would read: Never tell children anything unless you are 100% sure it will happen. If you have even the slightest hesitation, for your own sanity and the love of goodness and harmony do NOT under ANY circumstances share this information with your children. They will hold it over your head eternally and you will never cease to regret it." I will stand by this til I am old and gray and buried 6 feet under.

I know that they will have many more birthdays to come, but are they old enough to understand why I wasn’t with them on their 9th and 11th b-days? Probably not.

So, you may not see me around for a little while. I’ve scheduled some posts for your viewing pleasure and I’ll do my best to catch up with your lives when I return. Don’t miss me too much.

Picture me on a lovely road trip with a smile on my face loving every. single. minute. of. it! 100% unplugged! Heaven help me.


So long...


  1. think of all the fab blog fodder this trip's gonna generate :)

    have fun, with or without the internet, your camera, etc. etc. :)

  2. ahem. you are driving all the way here but out to the ocean? and i have been on charter fishing boats when I was a kid. for me it wasone word, barf.

    I hope the kids enjoy their bdays next week. I thought having my kids bdays 5 weeks a part was bad. Huge hugs! you are a saint!

  3. Noooo! Don't leave me. :(

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

    PS Okay seriously, have fun. Good luck with that car ride.

  4. You'd better take a big notebook, 'cause you're going to have SO MUCH stuff for your blog when you get back....oh, so much....

    Have fun, and remember there's an airport in Seattle.....

  5. Awww I'm gonna miss you, girl! Have fun and can't wait to have you back and read your adventures :D

  6. LOL, I hope you have a great time! My boys are only 2 days apart, and it wasn't planned either LOL. My first was early and the second late. So far we have been lucky about the combined B-days they are young and don't care. Hopefully we can keep this up for a few more years!

  7. I was going to say to bring a notebook too! Something to jot your thoughts and ideas in until you are back to blogger land! :) You will have fun...and ps. you're face does that in the car too?!? I so thought it was just me! Hope you got a camera so we can see pics...Washington is BEAUTIFUL this time of year! :)

  8. Drive this direction and stay with us. :-)
    Have a great time. WA is beautiful and the weather has been cooler than normal which is lame for us but for the rest of the country that has been too hot I am sure it would be welcome relief. Enjoy.

  9. well my timing just sucks! I come back from my beach trip and you're leaving! Will definitely miss ya! Even though it's not a girly-girl spa trip...try and have fun...I know you can do it!

  10. Going to miss seeing ya in the blogosphere! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  11. Unplugged is always a little refreshing, but boats and fishing in the deep sea? I am with you on the ugh factor. Ugh.

    And here's another great rule, Do not tell kids you are going on vacation until the last possible minute. I'll never forget the time my parents woke us up in the middle of the night to tell us to get in the car we were driving cross country to Colorado for vacation. That was the first we'd heard of it and it was such a thrill. Now, I understand why they did that. My girls get so hyper with excitement right before a trip and they're teenagers!

    Try and have fun. enjoy being unplugged.

  12. Think of all the stories you will have to blog about when you get back?!!!!
    Have a great "family" vacation!

  13. Haha! I hope it's full of wonderful moments, despite all of your misgivings :). We'll still be here when you get back!!

  14. Have a great trip and welcome to my state!!

  15. Have as much fun as you can on your trip ;) At least you're going somewhere nice. Washington is beautiful. See you when you get back!

  16. Have fun. Can't wait to see the pictures when you return!

  17. I can't wait to hear all the stories that you are picking up on your road trip! I did a week unplugged, and it really did do me a world of good! Enjoy yourself...and we'll all be waiting when you get back!