The Doldrums of Summer.

Are you burned out yet?

Are you out of ideas to entertain the kiddos?

Do you see faces like this staring at you?


Well, if you answered YES to any of these, you are not alone. I'm totally with ya.

I've compiled a few ideas to help us get through these last few weeks.

Our Mommyhood posted 50 Things to Do This Summer. It is a fabulous list.

The Activity Mom posted School Is Out! Now What? Activities for 6+ back the end of May as per requested. She rocks. (If you have younger ones make sure to check our her site because she always has great ideas for toddlers too.)

Kids Click is another fun idea for kids this summer. It was created by Simone of Great Fun for Kids. Learn more about kids click here. Every other week there is a new theme.

Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour shared a great tutorial on how to make rainbow cupcakes with your kids last month.

Secrets of A Super Mommy shared a fun rainbow pudding pops idea. I'm totally doing this one.

And if you happened to miss my homemade chalk recipe, you can find it here or here.

Today when the kidlets were supposed to be showering I found them painting rocks- together- and getting along swimmingly. I could hardly be mad. They were self entertaining so well. And it gave me a teensy-weensy glimmer of hope.

But sometimes they just need a little mommy time. I've learned that it doesn't take much- a walk, a board game, even a conversation over ice cream can do wonders to help keep cranky moods at bay.

Good luck ladies. I know that entertaining kids can be exhausting at times. A wise friend recently told me that I needed to be unplugged sometimes so I could just enjoy some one on one with my kids. Set aside a few minutes a day without electronics (including phones) to bond while they still think you are cool. These moments are fleeting.

Hope you'll find something useful in one of these links so these last weeks can be fun, enjoyable days making great memories with your kiddos.

And that the faces you see look a little more like this...


(Thanks to Pokey and Little Man for being such great sports.)


  1. Awesome findings, Lish! :D That rainbow pudding pop looks yummy and looks like something Lil' A and I can :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. OK, I am totally cracking up at your kiddos being such great models! :)

  3. YES YES AND YES!!! Great lists though I want to throw things at the great things to do for the 6+. I have 3 5-!!!! UGH!!!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  4. Those rainbow pudding pops look delicious.

  5. ha! your kids should be doing modeling ads!

  6. Great post! Thanks for the ideas...I think I am going to try those pudding pops...

  7. I'm on the opposite side. My kids started school today and I'm so bummed. What an adorable pic of happy kids!

  8. I have something that will make your face look like their's do at the end of your post. Come see what it is.

  9. Those are happy days though...the best memories of my childhood - making potions and getting bored at home during the long summer days...I love this post.

  10. those pudding pops look amazing! like, something me as an adult would want to eat! your son's expression in the top photo is such a quintessential "bored" kid look!

  11. ava's at the age where i just run after her in circles. it is tiring and makes my face go just like the first pic. :) gorgeous kiddos!

  12. I love the before and after shots. Too funny.

    I'm going to have to keep these lists handy for when my tot is older and has the summertime blues. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.