Project Alicia : Friday Favs!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday Favs!

No Flip-Offs today.

I wanted to instead share some of my favorite finds this week. Not to worry, I'm sure I'll have plenty of things to flip by next week.

The blogging community is chock-full of talented, inspiring individuals. My blogger reader never disappoints. The hardest part is figuring out which ones to bookmark for later. These are a few I wanted to share with you for Friday Favs.

For you photography lovers, you may enjoy this tutorial on panning from the idea room. It's a technique that I have yet to master.

I also found a new photographer at simple. lovely. life on my stroll through the Wordless Wednesday linky party that has yet to be truly discovered. I was drooling over her beautiful work that she shot with her new macro lens.

And speaking of photos, if you want to watermark, the lady blogger's society posted a great tutorial of how to watermark your photos in photobucket. I also learned that you can also do this in picasa or picnik from some of my dedicated readers.

And if you don't want to go to the trouble of watermarking, Jessica from A Look into My Life shared this one with me. This one is a MUST SEE! It's a tutorial from Sneaky Momma Blog Design on how to right click disable photos on your blog. And if not for this, just go peruse. You are sure to find some great tips to enhance your blog.


If you are more of a CRAFTY person, I found a couple fun ideas.

33 shades of green (one of my favorite new stops) shared how to make hypertufa pots. Way cool.

I also found a fun tutorial over at be different act normal on how to make a no sew fabric pup tent. My kinda project.


If ya just need a good laugh... got some of those too.

Laugh out Loud shared a post entitled, Why blogging is good for you...! It was written by Kludgy Mom and is sure to bring some laughs. Another favorite of hers is A Room That Smelled Like Butt: A Mystery [in one part]. This one is actually from a few weeks ago, but it is still fresh in my memory bank. I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

Amber Page Writes is also another good one for some laughs, from The Craigslist Ad I'll Never Write to A New Way to Look at Pole Dancing.


If you enjoy the touching, raw posts, make sure to check out I'm Baack...Kinda... over at Mommy of a Monster. It struck a cord with many of her followers and is a beautiful post about her struggles with depression.

I know that life is crazy busy for you just like it is for me, so if ya don't have time right now to check these out just bookmark it for later. I'm sharing the best of the best in an attempt to help highlight a few favorites you may have missed.

Have a beautiful weekend, y'all!


  1. great idea Lish! and thanks for the love! have a great weekend.

  2. Cool, I hope I will have sometime to check these out! I can always use a good laugh!

  3. omg... I cant stop laughing... as the mom of 2 boys- I HAD to go read about the room that smelled like butt... im still laughing... thank you! I needed that!

  4. Fun post! I love checking out favorites. One good blog leads to another. It could go on forever. I have on occasion spent what felt like 20min blog hopping and it turns out it's really 3 hours c: loved your adventure land pictures. That rain was crazy!!

  5. I love this idea Lish! Maybe you should incorporate it every week ;)

    Gigi's a riot and I loved both those posts...I too mentioned "Why blogging is good for you" after she wrote it - it's a must read for every blogger!

    Thank you so much for the shout out, the support, and for being a friend. You have no idea how important you are to me :)

  6. I already follow these women, and love them. hope all is well, and love the no sew tent, too.

  7. I like that tent thing, going to try that for the kids.
    Have a look at my blog, I have tagged you ;)

  8. Awesome findings, lady! Gotta check out the panning tips, looks like fun! Thanks for sharing and wishing you guys a great weekend. :D

  9. A blog that can make you smile is always a blog worth reading. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for letting me visit.

  10. Hi Alicia - thanks so much for showing my pots! So sweet of you. I really need to check out the photography sites you listed - I can't seem the master panning either! Have a great weekend.

  11. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I read the watermarking one yesterday, but I'm off to read another three or four.

  12. I mentioned Alissa (33 Shades) in my Friday post, too! Great minds think alike. :o)

    That panning tutorial is cool. Something else to work on!

  13. Love this list!! Love it.

    There are so many fab bloggers out there, and I appreciate this post linking me to some more.

    Now, off to try to make a fabric pup tent.

    Have a great Friday, my blogging friend!

  14. Love Friday Finds posts! And that tend is so cool. Off to check it out now.

  15. Thanks for sharing these! I'm always looking for new blogs...even though my reader is already WAY full!

  16. Thanks for's always great to get a heads up on some new great reading :) Thanks also for the info on the "no-reply email" option. You have NO idea how long I've been trying to figure out how to change that...I did it right away!! Have a lovely weekend :)

  17. what a happy change! i'm sure you were missed with flip-offs, though!

  18. Great post!! and I love the imagery!!


  19. well that bike picture is gorgeous! what a great memory stuck in time.

    sometimes you need to NOT flip off, i know this. to appreciate the good. been to a few links already - thanks for sharing!

  20. I loved this! Gigi's post was fantastic and had me rolling the first time I read it. :) Looks like you started your weekend off on a positive note. Good for you! Take care Lish.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud