Project Alicia : Friday Flip-Offs, 7/23 Edition

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs, 7/23 Edition

Yes, I'm back to flippin things off. Did ya miss me?

Just in case you you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is Friday-Flip Offs, the place to rid yourself of all that random annoying crap that seems to worm it's way into your life and fester like a boil just below the surface waiting to explode.

My friend, Gigi at Kludgy Mom, is the brains behind this brilliant idea. Stop over and check out her great FFOs.

Let's get this party started. Ahem...

To the sod webworms that are wreaking serious havoc on our yard AGAIN. You suck. And I’m tired. And can’t ya just crawl over next door and give me a break for awhile? Why must you come back year after year and torment me?

To the universe for always placing me precisely next door to the old retired guy with too much time on his hands with the most perfectly manicured yard this side of town it makes me sick. And makes my sod webworm patches look even worse.

To retarded bladders that gave not one, but two kiddos infections this week. What the crap? I can’t remember 4 different doses of antibiotics in a day. It’s all I can do to remember to take my own drugs or remember anything for that matter.

To aging that prevents me from being able to have the energy I would like to get everything done that I want and causing spinny toys at the park to give me vertigo and nausea. Isn’t it enough that I have wrinkles and saggy skin? Must you take my fun away too?

To the yellow slide at Cherry Hill Pool and whoever is being neglectful on the maintenance of the yellow slide that caused my little Pokey to get a giant sized goose egg on her little noggin. Poor chicky.

To that study by Marie Claire that claimed that sunscreen now causes cancer. Don’t ya have anything better to do than concoct new cancer causers? Don’t moms have enough to worry about as it is?

To flaky people that can’t commit to anything, more specifically the ones that put an offer on a house and then pull out at the last second. Ugh.

And last but not least...

To decisions that have no win/win and only cause stress and anxiety and sleepless nights. OK, maybe it’s only perspective, but deserves to be on the list nonetheless.

All of the above mentioned—FLIP OFF!!!

{insert deep breath here}

I'm feeling so much better!

Now it's YOUR turn. What is bugging you these days? If you are in need of a great vent, try Friday Flip-Offs. It's free and so therapeutic and I'm sure you already have plenty of material. Give it a go! Then stop by the other FFOs. They are so entertaining and sure to bring some good gut rolling laughs.


  1. As always, thank you for letting me laugh at your frustrations. I appreciate it!

  2. Alicia, I hate to thank you for your flip-offs, but they always make me smile! I agree on the whole sunscreen-causes-cancer-thing, WTF?? Nice....and don't even get me started on that whole aging thing, since I agree wholeheartedly and am light years ahead of you!

    The only bugs I remember in Iowa when we would visit as kids were the lightning you have those??

  3. I don't like that last one about decisions, because that just sucks.

    and flaky people? so tired of that myself.

    If I sit here long enough, I'm to go add to my own flip list.

    a good weekend to you :)

  4. Flaky people drive me mad, especially when it's about something big! Sorry they pulled out. And as for the sunscreen/cancer thing, it all just gets so confusing!

  5. LOL about the neighbor - also have one who's garden looks so much like perfection and mine? Well you can just say that mine looks a bit withered ...

  6. So with you on the sun screen thing!
    Sorry to hear about the flaky people.
    Hope you will have a nice relaxing weekend, girl!

  7. can finally comment! my phone apparently does not like your blog and won't let me comment from there. so HI! And Flips to the bladder infections. DAYUM.

  8. Hi just hopped over from Friday Flip off... Im sorry to hear about the slide incident .... that's so not on and should be flipped off... and flaky people right up there with you on that one
    have a wonderful weekend

  9. We used to have sod webworms, too. I don't remember when they disappeared, or why, but I'm not complaining.

    Totally agree about the aging thing!

    To your list I'd add the hot weather. Enough is enough.

  10. Flaky people suck when it comes to selling a house. Hope the right buyer comes by soon.

  11. stopped over from gigi's blog and glad I did!

    I should flip-off the universe for the same reason. And boo to retarded bladders!

  12. Sorry about the yard terror! I hope a new buyer comes along and the world is once again right!

  13. I live for Friday Flip Offs and I'm right there with you with the Marie Claire study, tiny bladders, aging and no win/win situations.

    Hope you have a fantastic fun-filled, family-filled weekend.

  14. Ugh! I am with you on the flaky people. I CAN'T cover your event if you email me a name and nothing else. And then don't respond to my numerous requests for info and the need to schedule a photo. And when you wait until the Friday before the Sunday paper runs that you wanted your event in? It's TOO late. And then somehow-it's my fault. Got it.

  15. Oh my goodness! You have had quite the week! I agree with the sunscreen study and the flaky people! Flip off!!!

  16. I so understand the old neighbor thing! Now I have the opposite problem now two kids who talk my ear off every time I am out front LOL.

  17. I am loving the flip offs!! Have a great weekend!!

  18. I'm not linking up this time but I love your list! I'm not such a fan of neighbours period's truly a test of patience in my neck of the woods...grr! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  19. I hear you on the yard pests. They are so annoying! Oh and about the neighbors...those retired ones have nothing else to do but piss off the rest of us by being so perfect!
    Don't compare your yard to theirs.

  20. ugh we have had problems with those worms too in the past!!! Got sod and layed it down turned out it was infested.

  21. Good flips! I hope you have a great weekend. Get started on that yard!!!

  22. You had some hot buttons for me on your list too... this could be the making of a new list for next friday :) Hope your vent worked and you had an awesome day!

  23. FOUR DIFFERENT ANTIBIOTIC DOSES IN ONE DAY?!? Eek! Flip off! In fact, flip off to everything on your list. They all suck. lol
    Thanks for stopping by Lish. You're such a great friend. Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed the worms miraculously die overnight. lol

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

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  25. I'm with you on aging, it really stinks! And Marie Claire, you're cancer study ain't helping a girls wrinkles out!

  26. This actually made me LOL. I can totally relate with the neighbour who has the perfect lawn! I live next to one! Makes me sick how his plants NEVER die, always in bloom and his hanging baskets... gah... I want ones that hang! Not freaking dry up on me! (I know I should really water it more often, but that's not the point!) Im so jealous!

    And as for the getting old, tell me about it, my back hurts, I make noises when I get up, I think 9pm is 'late' and I find myself saying 'Oh in my days...' A LOT!

  27. I hope you are feeling better! Nothing worse than the Mom having a few rough days! Okay, the whole sunscreen thing after I read your post a few days back has me paranoid! LOL ~ We needed new sunscreen and I went to buy it and I put it back because I totally forgot what they said in the article what NOT to buy. Geez, I'm like just buy it and then that little voice inside said Oh you don't want to harm your daughter? I'm never like this but when I think of all the things I try to protect my daughter from I would never be able to live with myself if I harmed her by something stupid. You are so right - How much more can you give us to worry about! Great flip off as you usual you make me laugh! Hope you are feeling better! ;)