Friday Flip-Offs, 7/30 Edition

Just in case you are new here, this is Friday-Flip Offs, the place to rid yourself of all that random annoying crap that seems to worm it's way into your life and fester like a boil just below the surface waiting to explode.

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Without further delay... Let's get this party started.

1. To the doorknob to the garage that just decided to stop working all together making it rather challenging to enter and exit, not to mention the time you took away from the 283 other things on my to do list that were way before you. Way to nudge yourself up on my already packed list. Ugh.

2. To all the hair on my body that just keeps on growing despite my constant efforts to keep it properly manicured. Why? Why must you continually torment me? Do you not know that it is summer and a girl doesn't need unwanted hair.

3. To toads, snakes, and ALL stinky critters that not only leave my house with funky odors, but make my children smell like a foot, which in turn demands showers, which in turn produces crying fits. It's all your fault you FILTHY, nasty creatures. If you don't believe me, you can see them here.

4. To google... we've had a long journey together and although you've given me some nice moments, lately you are making me want to pull my hair out and scream bloody murder at the top of my lungs. Why must you make it so difficult to do photos without giant gaps? Photos are my thing and if you can't cooperate, this might just be the final straw with you. Just sayin. Plus all the other junk is really annoying too- and you know what I'm talking about.

5. To my Canon EOS 20D that decided to kick the bucket 12 hours prior to our departure for our trip for no good reason right after I photographed Little Man's snake. You couldn't have worse timing. What the heck am I supposed to do now? There is no time for a service call nor do we have money for maintenance, let alone a new camera- which appears to be the best scenario. You've given me a good run, but I was under the impression that you would live forever with some upgraded lenses and accessories, but only 50,000 shutter clicks? Really? And I recommended you to friends and family? You worthless piece of crap.

6. To allergens that are tormenting my eyes something fierce causing them to be bright red and itch so bad I want to scratch them out. And currently stinging from tears flowing no thanks to #5 incident. There's no way a person can wear contacts like this and these glasses aren't doin me any favors here. I look like a hot mess and maybe it's a good thing that #5 happened. No chance of me being documented looking this crappy.

and lastly

7. To car trips that are longer than I am old... don't you know that I have excessive scar tissue where my coccyx used to be? Plus I feel like a skanky hoe bag when I must be in the car that long. Nothin pretty about driving through the midwest for 20 hours. Same old monotonous corn fields, pig farms, and windmills mile after mile after MILE after freakin MILE. If it wasn't for itunes and Redbox I might just die. I know, I know, they used to travel by handcart or foot and I'm melodramatic and all that good stuff. Still, it's the 21st century. I thought by now there would be some fab invention to eliminate all that mindless sitting. And don't say planes... hubs is a tightwad. Get it?

All of the above mentioned—FLIP OFF!!!

{insert deep breath here}

At this point I normally say, "I'm feeling so much better!" Unfortunately numbers 3, 5, 6, and 7 are too current and I need at least 24 hours to simmer a bit.

Now it's YOUR turn. What is bugging you these days? If you are in need of a great vent, try Friday Flip-Offs. It's free and so therapeutic and I'm sure you already have plenty of material. Give it a go! Then stop by the other FFOs.


  1. Great flips, as always! The road trip....ugh. We used to drive from California to Iowa each summer when I was a kid and it was long...can't imagine being the adult in the car.

    Body hair? I'm with you on that, and in the summer it all grows so fast!

  2. :support: Sorry you're having such a flip off Friday (and it's not quite Friday!)

    Wanted to let you know about my new linked up!

  3. Great flip offs as always :)

    I'm with you on the hair thing...drives me up the wall, and on the allergies. Mine happen to attack my nose but I hate them just the same. Sigh.

  4. oh honey. road know who is this worst? Paul. he has the patience of a gnat. And my dad was an airline pilot so all of our vacations were road trips. from seattle to ok? and TX? not fun.
    body hair? shaving legs sucks. and other parts...well ya know.

  5. great flips this week. I have to agree with the car travel.

  6. I always enjoy reading these. Your frustration is my laugh! Thanks!

  7. Oh no! Your camera! That's awful, I hope you find a solution or a replacement soon :(

  8. Man - you have had a bad week. Or 24 hrs at least. Here's a big FLIP OFF from me on your behalf!

  9. Long car trips is also something I hate. I normally try to work out the shortest route to where we are going because of how I feel about long car trips.
    I hope that you get your camera sorted soon - we like the photos you post on your blog
    And enjoy the weekend :)

  10. Sorry to hear about your camera. Ugh.

    I quit wearing contacts for the same reason. It seems that glasses help to keep some of the pollen out of my eyes; I make a point of washing them when I've been outside.

    Most of our road trips are on highways with no scenery whatsoever. We appreciate the trips where we can see farmland and windmills! But I'm with you on long road trips. We drive everywhere, even if it takes two days to get there. Air travel is just too much hassle, and we wouldn't be able to bring everything we own! :)

  11. I feel so bad for you about your camera. I know that's like another appendage on your body, so it has to hurt that it's out of commission.

    Good luck on that road trip. We did a 16 hour trip to Denver over Christmas and surprisingly, my kids did not totally annoy me.

    Talk to you next week!

  12. Ah doorknobs....When we first moved into this place, I got "locked" in the bedroom. No one was home. The doorknob just "quit". It was FUN!

    Eyes, contacts, allergens, and the dreaded glasses. With ya babe.

  13. i am so sorry to hear about your camera! i have loved my 20D . . . I have upgraded, but still use it a lot. i hope you can get it all worked out - timing is never good to be without a camera!!

  14. So sorry to hear about your camera kicking the bucket! I worry about this every time I take a photo with mine. I will probably cry big crocodile tears if/when it happens to mine.

  15. I live in MN and I hate driving in the Midwest. I think you can excuse MN. We atleast have trees and lakes. Iowa is stinkville. But yeah, compared to Cali or the other more mountainous states, ours sucks rear.

  16. I'm with you on the body hair. There is not enough time in the day to keep that under control. And I'm not a yeti or anything.

  17. Sorry about your camera that it horrible!

  18. Ugh...your poor camera. Talk about bad timing.

  19. SIGH...I just left a long comment and it disappeared into never-never land...what is up with that!??

    I hear ya on the body it was ever useful back in history somewhere..not buying it! Road trips..long ones...blech! sad :(

    Thanks for stopping by, I think I fixed my comment issue..but like you for sure!

  20. it would be a dream to never have to shave or pluck or wax again. It would be near-heaven!

  21. Such a great list, which I can totally relate. #3 is the reason we visit Pet Smart and PetCo weekly. My boys want to keep everything in the backyard! Not. Me.

  22. I am so with you on the hair thing! Plus, I am so sorry your camera died on you! I hope you will manage that stinks! I don't know what I would do without mine and I am no where near as good as you! I hope you have a great weekend! Hopefully this flip off helped!

  23. Skanky hoebag? I could never imagine you looking or smelling like a skanky hoebag. Whatever that is. lol That roadtrip sounds killer. I'll definitely be praying for your sanity. God knows you'll need it. I'll expect you to pray for me in return when we make our roadtrip to MO! And your poor camera...I'm so sad for you. I'd totally cry too. Shall we start a Buy-Lish-A-New-Canon fund? We could set up a PayPal account!
    In any case, I'm flipping them all off for you. Pesky camera. Stupid roadtrip. Dumb doorknob. Skanky hoebag. lol
    Have a fabulous weekend. :)

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  24. I am so sorry to hear about your Canon.
    When on the long road trip try singing, "corn corn corn corn corn everywhere is corn. corn corn corn corn all I see is corn." That is what we have to do in the midwest to keep sane =) Hope you have a great trip and you feel better after your venting!

  25. I am TOTALLY with you on the body hair! I have DARK hair and it seems to come back 12 seconds after I shave. And I am still mourning the loss of your camera right with you. :(

  26. I had a million frogs and toads as pets when I was a kid and I never stunk! :op

    And that TOTALLY sucks about your camera! Sucks sucks sucks!

  27. I am with you on three and six! Allergies suck!