Fun - Fab - Fourth of July Finds!

After perusing the web I've come to realize that there is not much more that I can add to the *plethora* of ideas already out there. Talent Cowabunga!! But if you missed my star shaped chalk project, you can find the recipe here.

So, I've decided to collect all the fabulosity and share it in one spot to save ya a few stops along the way.

If you are in search of some FAB 4th finds, look no more. Ok, so you could probably find more. There is a *plethora* of amazing talented folks out there. Below you will find a sampling of the *plethora* of my fav americana finds. If you love the patriotic holiday too, enjoy!


Felt Star Wreath from Nap Time Crafts

Painted Glass Window from U Create

Kid's Crafts

Finger Paint A Flag from A Little Tipsy

Firecracker Crowns from Family Fun

Yummy Food

Flag Cake from 17 and Baking
4th of July Cupcakes from No Fuss Fabulous

Watermelon Pop Stars from Family Fun


"Oh, snap" toppers and tags from eighteen 25

Party Invites and Straw Flags from The Sweetest Occasion

In case you hadn't noticed, I heart holidays. I love themes and the net has a *plethora* of endless ideas. Hope you find something that you can use or tuck away for another year.

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This week's word is *plethora*

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  1. These are some cool ideas. I like the finger painting one. That's cute.

  2. cute stuff...I wish I was crafty in some arena.

  3. Great ideas. I LOVE the wreath. You could switch out the ribbon and use it for Christmas and Valentine's day too! I think I might have to try it.

  4. I love the 4th of July!! I'm bookmarking this page for next year so I can make some of these things in advance!

    Yay! You worked plethora in :)

  5. Oh, woman, do you NOT know how jealous I am of this blog.

    You have got it all goin' on. WOW.

    WHy can't I be you???

  6. I love the chalk! I can't wait until Alex is old enough to "get" chalk.

  7. I always love coming to your site, its like having coffee with an old friend..... Keep up the excellent work...

  8. I really like the kids craft idea...I think we'll do that today. Thanks for the great ideas!

  9. Hi Alicia! Love this blog! and love the decorating ideas. On another note: I had problems with my dryer and turned out that the duct between the dryer and the vent was full of fluff... perhaps this may be happening with yours?

  10. Wow, a plethora of great ideas! I heart how you heart holidays (if that makes sense). I wish I were craftier, I always love to see what other people create!

  11. Okay. I'm in love with the wreath and the painted window! Must. Have. NOW! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. I had no idea there were so many cute idea's out there! I now have things I want to make!

  13. I love, love, love that wreath!!!!! I think I need to make one....

    By the way, I totally 'smiled' when I heard your music when I opened your blog. Love Glee!!

  14. So many great ideas out there. THANK you for sharing with us!

  15. I loved that window! I'd like to decorate my home with an Americana type them. Not too heavy on the country though!

  16. YAY for joining Word Up, YO!?! I love all "old glory" style stuff with the faded colors.

  17. Great the finger painting idea :)

    Happy long weekend.

    Follow me.

  18. thank you for sharing our Oh Snaps! with your followers. . .

    (i love your chalk stars, i might have to get on those. my kids just might think i am great!)


  19. love my America...that's for sure.
    Thanks for finding my blog. now following yours.

  20. oh my goodness! That cake is AMAZING!

    You could link up this post on my blog today :)
    Hope you havea GREAT weekend!

  21. Super fun Fourth of July ideas. Thanks for sharing and nice use of the WOW!! :)