An Unexpected Visit From the Sickness Fairy

It’s 2:30 AM, I’m lying on the bathroom floor, my body is on fire, I’m sweating like I’ve just run a marathon, and I’m in excruciating pain…

I think, “Dear Lord, just take me now.”

The thought crosses my mind that this could possibly be why Little Man was lying on the floor crying last week.

“Great, I’ve got Little Man’s stomach bug.”

This goes on for about 3 hours while hubs is oblivious to the fact that I even left the bed.

The worst is the unknown.

Why does this hurt so much and when will it end?

When you are praying to be able to vomit you know that you have a nasty one.

Vomiting might be in my top ten worst things on planet earth.

I am weak and my eyes can hardly focus. And the barf bowl is so far away.

My stomach is screaming in pain. Sharp intense pains…

I crawl to the carpeted area right outside the bathroom and curl up in a fetal position. My body is craving the comfort only a bed can provide.

“Please make it stop.”

I hear hubs snoring away.

After several hours of excruciating pangs I am finally able to work through the worst of it.

I attempt to sleep, but am several times awaken by this nasty sickness.

This morning as I lie in bed, I realize that although I am still weak and possibly not out of the woods completely yet, the worst is over.

It’s morning and the light of day has given me renewed hope.

I can’t help but think how much I take my health for granted.

Every single day that I wake up and am able to accomplish all the tasks of the day, it is indeed a miracle.

Each system is working together in harmony and I am free of sickness or disease.

I am a well oiled machine with thousands of different parts that work simultaneously to function optimally.

Last year hubs nearly cut off his finger in a freak accident. I couldn’t help but worry that it would never be the same.

A year later you can hardly detect the mishap. Minus a few missing nerve endings, his finger is almost entirely repaired. To the naked eye it appears perfect.

We go through moments of sickness, disease, and accidents… some brief, others more extended.

But our body’s ability to heal will never cease to amaze me.


  1. You are so right, Alicia. I think we all take our health and "easy" days for granted...until we have a very sucky one! I hope you are feeling better. I hate, HATE vomiting, and that whole queasy-stomach thing.

  2. I hope you get feeling better soon! Being sick just sucks! God bless you!

  3. ugh, that does not sound at all fun. Hope it gets better!

  4. I hope you're feeling better. Stomach bugs are the worst!

  5. Very true. Health is definitely something we all take for granted until it gets bad. I know I don't appreciate Cohen's good health enough until he gets sick.

  6. I hope today is different and you start feeling better! I also wanted to let you know I'm giving you an award! Stop by my blog & pick it up when you feel up to it.

  7. So true. I hope you're feeling all better. Did you ever throw up, or did it just pass? it sounds a lot like what I add after coming home from Six Flags.

    And you are a dedicated blogger..finding a way and an idea to post even in sickness. :)

    rest up!

  8. Hope you are feeling better.

  9. I am so sorry you got hit!! Being sick is TERRIBLE! You are so right though...our bodies perform for us on an amazingly dependable, constant basis and we don't even thinnk about it...or pause to be greatful! Great reminder, and hope you're on the mend soon girl :)

  10. So, so sorry that you are sick. Glad that you are better than in the middle of the night.

    You are right -- our bodies ability to heal is amazing. God is so good!

    Rest and keep feeling better.

  11. It's so true, you never appreciate your healthy body until it quits on you! I hope you feel better and better :)

  12. UGH! I had that exact bug a couple of months ago. It was awful! I hope all of you are on the mend.

    we do take our health and youth for granted. It's scary to think about...

  13. Oh you poor thing! I'm glad you are feeling a bit better.

    You are right though. The body is very resilient. It doesn't cave and give up easily. But we need to be kind to our bodies and they will be kind to us.

    I hope you get back to 100% quickly!

  14. I too forget a lot how precious my health is. This year for whatever reason I have been sick a lot and its led me to feeling very humble and grateful for what I have. Hope you feel better!

  15. Very true, our bodies are miracles. Hope you are feeling much better now. Sounds like you had it really bad.

  16. So true! Hope you are feeling better now.

  17. Hope you are feeling much better now, girl. Being sick totally sucks.

  18. What a nightmare! I still remember laying on the bathroom floor between vomiting and diarrhea about a month or two ago. You poor thing! Being sick is no fun, especially when our men are sound asleep and oblivious to the slow death we're enduring on the floor. lol I really hope you're feeling better. Take care Lish.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud