Friday Flip-Offs 8/13 Edition

Just in case you are new here, this is Friday-Flip Offs, the place to rid yourself of all that random annoying crap that seems to worm it's way into your life and fester like a boil just below the surface waiting to explode.

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Without further delay... Let's get this party started.

Don’t have much for ya today, just one doozy that I must get off my chest… let's call it the Adobe PSE blues.

First off, I must thank Arizona Mamma for paving the road to my photoshop elements 7 (let’s call it PSE7 for short). After whining on my blog about how I was a dingaling because I didn’t save the serial number and consequently was unable to reinstall it once my computer crashed, she promptly responded with a sweet, informative email. She put it in easy, laymen terms that even a tech challenged gal like myself could grasp. Since I had it on my laptop all I had to do was go into the system info in Elements and I would find it. Piece of cake. (And btw, if you have a laptop you’ll understand why it just wasn’t cutting it for my photos. Definitely not the same as my desktop.)

I was stoked! I thanked her promptly because I’ve tried EVERYTHING by now and came up empty.

THEN I went about reinstalling it to my desktop so I could move up in the world of photo editing. Because come on, as comfortable and wonderful as PSE2 has been for me, it just doesn’t measure up when it comes to the endless possibilities and features that PSE7 offers. Plus I’d really love to get some of those wonderful "Pioneer Woman" actions. I’ve digressed.

So, I inserted my cd only to have my computer reject my code not once, but 4 different times. Harumph!

“I can do this." (I repeated this in my head several times.) There was no way I was going to give up so easily. This is attainable. So, I rechecked the numbers and sure enough they were right. Dang it.

Being the organized person that I am I keep all my computer cds in a handy binder, which turns out to be 9/10ths of the problem. Not only did I NOT write the serial number on the cd like on PSE2 and PSE3, I threw away the case and box and didn’t save the receipt, at least that I know of.

It was time to do the dreaded deed… call Adobe. I located a help desk number online and dialed. I was on hold for so long that my phone battery died while I was waiting. Not a good sign. Just when I was about ready to give up, I heard a noise on the other end.

For the life of me I couldn’t make it out. I asked them to repeat themselves multiple times. Turns out they were saying their name. I’m not certain of which nationality they were, but I’m about 85% sure they were male and maybe 20% convinced they were of indian descent. We conversed for some time and between their thick accent and my less than stellar hearing it wasn’t pretty. I never made out their name, even after asking several times.

I did learn that without a serial number, UPC code and/or receipt I could kiss my PSE7 dreams good bye. I also learned that the number on file in my laptop was short 4 numbers, which they do intentionally so not just anyone can go and steal numbers. And although I was almost certain I registered it, they could find no such thing on file. Crap, crap. Seriously? “So, pretty much you’re telling me that this cd is worthless?” They assured me that was not necessarily the case; that I could try to call a different customer service number. But I really couldn’t understand what that would do for me besides make me a crazy wreck as I waited another hour to no avail. But they gave me the number anyways.

And I dialed. Luckily for my sanity the wait was not as long. And it was a female. Not American, but much easier to understand. I repeated my story. She asked if I could go online with the laptop and if she could access it. At this point, I didn’t really care.

She had me go to “show my pc” and then she did all the work. She couldn’t find the serial number, so she used this Belarc System Manager to locate all serial numbers on my computer. I was a bit leary, but I didn’t have many better options and I’d already wasted a couple hours by now.

Miraculously enough she was able to locate it and sure enough I was only missing 4 numbers, the last 4. Hallelujah!

I promptly entered them and they worked!!

But turns out that PSE7 is only good with XP and Vista and this is Windows 7. Ugh! So, I need to download some sort of patch. Why the heck it everything so freaking hard? Why can’t anything just work? And be easy? And give me a break?

I’m currently in the process of downloading the patch, whatever the heck that is. And all I gotta say is that this had better work.

If I hadn’t just spent too much $$$$ on a new camera and way too much time trying to revive my PSE7 I’d have just given up and bought the PSE8 already.

But this is going to work!!

So, to Adobe Photoshop Elements… for making a product that is constantly changing and never sufficient or compatible with my current PC, for employing non-English speaking reps and/or ones with horribly thick accents, for making a cd only recognized by a stupid 24 digit number, and for giving me a flippin headache...


It’s actually been a pretty good week. Just a really annoying day.

Now it's your turn. Tell us what's been buggin you and then link up below.


  1. Sometimes there's no better therapy than just releasing your emotions and venting! Friday flip-offs are perfect for this. And technology problems SUCK.

  2. Oh yikes! Sounds like such a hard work, girl but kudos for you to keep trying and I hope it will work out for you. If it was me I'd be on my way and get myself the pirated software already hahaha. Btw, I love pioneer woman's actions too but I use Photoshop CS4.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh, wow...I can relate! I had lost my cd to an adobe creative suite (over 1k), I had the serial number, but because it wasn't the newest I was told I had to purchase the newest release. It took me a while, but I eventually located it in digital and downloaded.

  4. Yes, technology problems suck!! I had a problem with my laptop and I called Dell and couldn't understand anything he was telling me to do and then when I did all the stuff he told me to do, twice, I called back because that didn't fix the problem and they said,"Oh..looks like we should have just sent you a new motherboard!" UGH! And then after I got all that in, my daughter decided to pick up my laptop without me seeing and drop it going up the steps...that I heard! lol! Here's to a beautiful weekend!

  5. Ha! My laptop has been trying to do a system update for 3 days now, but it keeps telling me I have to insert some CD that didn't even come with my computer! Sometimes I really hate technology!

  6. I hear ya! Seems like that is the way things go with me most of the time, never easy! Hope your weekend goes much better!!!

  7. I've been thru similar situations more times than I can count. So maddening. It makes me want to throw the phone at the wall sometimes! I hope you can get the patch installed and be back in business!!!

  8. I'm convinced that customer service reps are based overseas so that they can't understand what we are saying when we are cursing.

    Hope it works out for you. I hate when software doesn't work.

  9. Ugh, darn technology stuff! I hate installing things and all that garbage, so you are way ahead of me....good flip, though!

  10. you've had quite the time with that dang thing.....hope it ends up working for you!

  11. I wanted to tell you that I love your B/W series. I, too, have always B/w for the mood they create. They seem to freeze time.

    Came back for the FFO's, I love being a nosey rosey into people's lives to see what has them all ready to flip off.

    I think your blog is a STUNNER.

  12. Having to repeat your story over and over to telephone techs makes me want to pull my hair out, tiny strand by tiny strand. ANNOYING!!!

  13. I am with you!! Glad your week was good I just hate when something makes you so crazy!!

  14. Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following on all your networks, gave you a 5 star! ... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,

  15. Wow, that seems like a lot of hard work and I hope the patch worked ok! I hate it when programmes are changed so often, it makes it so much harder.

  16. what a pain!!!! but! on the bright side- you got it back. and it works.

    check this out- when I got a new computer 2 years ago, I installed PSE4- which had been on my laptop. perfect. except it didnt work right... the whole screen was off. So I googled a bit and discovered its not compatible with Vista. (which was brand new when I got this computer) so I go looking for the patch to fix it. oops! sorry! no patch for PSE 4. only for 5 and 6. arggggggg....

  17. I'm a complete and utter technological retard so to read that you were trying to revive your PSE7, well, let's just say, I feel even more inadequate! haha

  18. What a saga! I would be in the exact same shoes -- I'm not tech savvy, either.

    Happy for you that it all worked out. :)

  19. So sorry that you had to go through all that! I have always been told to ask for a supervisor. Most of the time their English is a little bit better.

    We have Teleflora as our wire service at our shop and their call center must be overseas somewhere because when they call we can never understand them. I can relate!

    Hope it all worked out well and you are creating beautiful pictures as I type this :)

  20. I'm tired after just reading all of that! What a pain in the arse!

  21. Ack! Why do I keep coming here? Even your flip offs are better than mine could ever be.

    I'm getting a serious complex here, I'll try to keep liking you (-:

  22. We love technology when it works and HATE it with a blinding white hot light when it doesn't. Hope things get better in the PSE7 dept. :)