More Trippin.

And if you thought I was referring to the “out of your mind” kind of trippin…

Yeah, that too.


See, we’re off to West Virgina for a raft/camp trip, just hubs and I. Kids are being dumped at grams and gramps.

Being the exceptionally sweet adoring wife that I am I decided to buy hubs a package for father’s day.

What the heck was I thinking?

Now it expires in 2 weeks and we are crunched to get in this outdoor adventure.

And you know how much I love bugs and heat and sleeping on the ground.

Oh, and don't forget about being in the car. Especially without a coccyx.

Cuz come on, what girl doesn’t LOVE all those things. Right?

So, yes.

I’m trippin. Just a little.


And as if that wasn’t bad enough, there are actually HAZARDS of TOO MUCH trippin.

-weeds that are longer than I am tall

Photobucket (Well, almost.)

-dead plants

-missed bills

-endless sea of emails

-no time to clean car in between (check out photo above for proof)

-atrophied muscles and a sore tushy from too much sittin

-an inch of dust covering just about everything you own

-no time to put away luggage before you need it again or manage all that body hair (you'll have to use your imagination here)

To name a few.

But ya gotta grab these moments while ya can and run with them.

Because you never know…

And you’ll totally regret it if ya don’t.

At least that's what I'm telling myself these days.

Because I'm trippin...

And hopefully more of the travel sorta way than the out of your mind one.

Send me some good vibes. I'm sure I can use them about now.


  1. Good luck!!!! And have fun! Enjoy the break from the little ones! :)

  2. I love coming here - spending some time to check all the pictures. You're so talented, and your kids (and you) are gorgeous. Thanks for the pretty pictures :)

  3. Go! Go! Trip! Trip! Forget all that other stuff and enjoy your time with the hubs!

  4. Think of the blogging moments you'll make! This weekend, I'm headed off to a pig roast. My dad invited me, how can I say no? Have a great time!

  5. I hear ya!! I'm done trippin' for a while!

  6. How fun a weekend with just you and the hubby! I bet you will have a blast! You weren't to sure about the last trip and that worked out great! I hope you both have a wonderful time! I can't wait to see the pictures!

  7. Have a great weekend together!

  8. oh my.....have fun!! we need to hang sometime when you get back. movie night or something!

  9. Sounds like fun!! I have a broken tailbone (it's sideways and the cure is too embarrasing). You don't have one? lol

    I have weeds that are tall too and some of them become seedlings and will be trees if they aren't removed. Stupid pepper trees that the city planted!!


  10. lucky woman! have a romantic weekend with the hubby. you two deserve the time-off (from the kids). ;)

  11. Damn girl! You've been trippin' a lot lately! I'm so jealous! Have a great time!

  12. That sounds so fun!!! Have a great time and I will be sending you good vibes!!

  13. Have fun on your trip! At least you are getting out and about out of the house.. Reminds me I am due for a vacation soon haha! Have a great time!

  14. Too bad you're Oh so close to us to pop in ;) haha Hope it's not too bad for the Mrs. and hope you find some fun in the wilderness ;) haha :)

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  16. Have a great time! I'd totally go camping without the kids! You know I have a desire to go on vacation without the kids, even if it is a little getaway! Jealous.

  17. enjoy your trip, you lil' gypsy!