No Flips. I'm still gone.

And I miss you too. Washington is lovely and I'll be back soon.

I'm currently experiencing cyber withdrawals. I think I have a problem and need serious help.

My now 9 year daughter recently asked me for a cell phone.

Pokey: "Everyone's got one, Mom!"

Me: "Really, everyone?"

Pokey: "Yeeeeesssss!!" (with an eye roll and all the umph an 8 year old can muster up)

Me: "Well, when I was your age they didn't have cell phones."

It was as if a lightbulb suddenly turned on in her little head. I could see the wheels a turnin... She turned to me wide eyed, mouth agape...

Pokey: "However did you talk to people?"

Me: "Well, we had landline phones and couldn't talk in the car."

Pokey was absolutely appalled and as hard as she tried, she just couldn't fathom how we survived pre-cell phones, it's all she has ever known.

It's actually hard for me to remember that far back, but I know I did. Somehow.

When Hubs used to go out to sea on nuclear subs for months on end he would occasionally port. If he called and I wasn't home, that was it. We missed that connection.

These days military families enjoy cell phones, emails, wi-fi, and much reduced landline phone rates.

Today we have cell phones that do just about everything short of watching the children for me. And I'm sure that isn't that far off. I heard the other day there is an app that shuts your garage door for you.

I can use GPS and google with the touch of a button. I can text, check my emails, blog, twitter, facebook. I can check the weather and listen to itunes simultaneously. I can even take photos and directly upload them to the medium of my choice. I can watch youtube videos and play endless games. It was indeed a glorious day when I downloaded boggle to my phone.

The list is endless, as there are tech geeks out there who are constantly turning out new ones. Just when I think I have all my apps figured out, the latest and greatest is unveiled.

I'm seriously wondering how I survived without this beautiful little box? How on earth did we function? What if there was an emergency? What about those long soccer practices in the car with nothing to do, bored out of my gourd? How did we check movie times? Or catch up on all the latest gossip in Hollywood?

Can you imagine being unplugged for an entire week? Right now? Me either. But alas, it is my fate.

This break has forced me to come to terms with the fact that Cyberland is a much too frequented stop in my regular daily routine.

So, I'm off exploring and trying to not go into convulsions or cold sweats. That would be humiliating and I'm not admitting anything here.

Just sayin.


  1. Alicia,

    You make me smile every day. I think we live parallel lives.

  2. I remember telling my brothers that we didn't have phones or computers when I was in junior high/high school. They thought I was lying.

    I miss you and hope you're having fun!!

  3. My kids are pretty sure that the car I drove as a teen was powered by my the Flinstones drove. I mean, if there were no cell phones, they must have been prehistoric times, right?

    Can't wait to hear all about your adventure!

  4. I hope you're having fun! I added you to my "Blogs We Love" list AND I gave you an award!

  5. You talk about the luxury that Army people have these days, talking to each other via email, Wi-Fi ect. Also seen this on Army Wives the other day and realized that technology have brought these families a blessing in communicating to their loved ones when they work for the Army.
    My son, the same age as your daughter, also asked me for a cellphone many times but we will give him one when he is more responsible with the stuff he have currently.
    Glad to hear that you're having fun in Washington.

  6. I have been out of the net for a month, slowing climbing back into the swing of things. It's refreshing!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  7. I know what you mean! I'm not much of a cell phone user, but whenever a question comes up, we turn to the internet. I can't imagine being unplugged ... but I know that time will come (power failure, vacation, etc.).

    My husband and I have laughed about what we did before the internet. These days we don't go to a restaurant unless we've seen the menu online and at least narrowed our choices. I can hardly remember walking into a place with no idea of what they serve!

  8. I can absolutely relate to this! Trying to explain to my kids what a cassette tape is or that, growing up, we only had one phone in our whole house is just shocking to them.

  9. oh so true! It makes me laugh to think back to when I was in college - we had cell phones but they stayed in out cars and were for emergencies only! We never even used them. I think it feels good to go on vacation and unplug a bit - as hard as it is to do! Enjoy yourself!

  10. You guys are ALWAYS on the go! Enjoy your trip!

  11. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

    We broke down and got our daughter a cell phone two days before she went into the sixth grade. Shockingly, I'm glad we did. It's been the best form of punishment. LOLOL!

    I can hardly remember life without cell phones. But, I'm 41 so you know I had the majority of my life without one. But if I even leave the house to go to the grocery store now and leave my phone at home, I feel handicapped.

  12. My daughter can't believe that I grew up without a cell phone and internet!

  13. My boys aren't old enough to realize the 'horror' that Mommy didn't have the luxury of several channels dedicated to cartoons, everyday. We had to wait for Saturday morning!! hahaha

  14. Out of all addictions, your phone and your internet is not a bad thing to be addicted to :). Enjoy your time off, though :)

  15. i would love it if you did a post of all your favorite apps! i love discovering new ones! please share:)

  16. It really is amazing just how different communication is now. I remember my first 'brick' cell phone. Now military families can Skype or oovoo.

  17. LOL, this was too funny! It really is amazing how we got on with out our cell phones! Remember the pager and how lame that was? I remember getting into so much trouble because my parents would page me and I didn't call them back, I didn't call them back because I didn't have anyway to call them back most of the time LOL. I hope you are having fun!

  18. I am eagerly awaiting your return and how your week being unplugged went!

  19. Obviously we lived without them but I can't stand to be without mine now. I literally get anxious!

    I have had very little time in Blog Land this summer but I am back and I wanted to share an award with you.

    Hope to see you when you return to Cyberland. We miss you!

  20. It is amazing to think about how we survived with out all of our instant communication. I have 16 yr old sister who finds it mind blowing that I did not have email in college let along any form of instant communication!It's funny Lilly got the toy phone "chatter" from Toy Story 3 and the phone has the old rotary dial pad on it and she goes what is this for? Along with my 16 yr old sister that goes WHAT? I go you never saw a phone like this she goes - NO - talk about feeling like I grew up in the dark ages! haha! Oh well we survived but i'm not sure if i could survive with out my blackberry today! I hope you had a great trip!! ;)

  21. I can't wait to try to explain CDs, cassette tapes and 8-Tracks to my son someday!