Playin Catch Up

I decided to spare some extra long hours of pain and anguish slouched in front of my computer and do some recycling, more specifically recycling for my project 365. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can check out my work here.) Plus computer time seems to be taking a back seat to my new job as soccer mom. As you all know, I was made minus super powers and can only be one place at a time. As much as I'd love to be able to do 5 things at once in 3 different locations, that might require cloning and more than one of me might put hubs over the edge. So, this weekend I'm in Muscatine soaking up some rays and cheering on little man.

If you are a regular you probably read all about our West Virginia Adventures here or here. That will be my week 34 {365} page, just so we're clear. Why make more work for myself when that is a perfectly fine page.

And don't know if you noticed, but I missed week 30 {365} right before our trip to Washington. And believe it or not, I didn't take hardly any pics that week. Hubs did snap a few of me, so I decided rather than a collage I'd share just one to document me and my current project. You may remember seeing Meet the Bum Behind the Blog. Well, this is another shot from that same day and is currently my fb profile pic.


Prior to this year the number of photos I appeared in were limited. I made a point to always be behind the camera.

But now as I struggle to find my way, I realize that we must move outside of our comfort zones. If we only stay on the sidelines and never get involved or take risks we may stagnate and never reach our true potential.

It is imperative for our personal growth that we take control of our own lives and not idly stand by.

When I look at this photo of myself, that is what I see... a girl who is actively trying to become a better version of herself. Making tough decisions and figuring out who she is in spite of the noise around her.

Sorry I'm so philosphical today. I try to reserve that for the wee hours of the morning when my mind and I are wide awake.
On another very different note, I'm sorry I haven't found the time to share more about my trip to Washington. Just so you know... when you are in the car for that long you have plenty of time to write. So, it's not for lack of material. We just need an extra 12 hours in each day. And then maybe just maybe I could get my act together.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I'm caught up on taking photos for P365. In fact that is the easy part. The hard part is creating the weekly layouts and sharing on my blog. I need to play a little catch up.

    I too could use super powers to be in more places than one doing multiple things. But in the end it all gets done. Right?

    I'm working hard on making myself get in front of the camera. Move outside my comfort zone which is undoubtedly behind the camera.

    BTW, that is a beautiful picture of you.
    Have a great weekend Alicia!

  2. You're right...standing on the sidelines is safe but it'll never get us what we really want. I like always makes me think :)

    I'm never in pictures and it's definitely on purpose..I really need to work on that...

  3. P.S. I'm so glad I found you! Thanks for living a transparent life...I'm so over facades...reality is harder, but better :)

  4. It's good you are inspired with philosophical insights by your picture.

    What I see in your picture is a sexy hot blogger!

  5. Lish, you are beautiful!! I have said it before and I will say it again. It is SO HARD for women to admit that it is okay to be the subject of the picture. Paul has helped me with that and I think your hubs helps you with that. Step outside your comfort zone honey and KNOW that it's GOOD to do it. For you! Love this post!! xoxo

  6. Beautiful picture, as always! We are always so critical of ourselves, both in how we look and in what we accomplish in our lives. Thank you for always being so honest with us, your bloggy buds!

  7. Hey girl, just wanted to come by and say congrats cuz I just gave you an award!! come by and pick it up!!

  8. That's a great picture of you! And I could DEFINITELY use another 12 hours in my day :)

  9. absolutely beautiful picture!
    and i enjoyed that you've been in a philosophical mood..smiles