Living with an Annoying Man (Part 2)

If you missed Living with an Annoying Man (Part 1), let me recap.

There are the obvious annoyances: farting, belching, loud boystrous shouting at meaningless, trivial sporting events, leaving piles of clothes strewn about the house, having obnoxious pet names for everything (i.e. Wal-Mart= Wally World, coupons=tampons, handicap=handicrap, etc), hogging the remote, not listening and then accusing you of having a speech impediment, and oh of course, sleeping through oh-say, ANYTHING...

I love hubs and all, but come on. Men are peculiar creatures.

Well, friends, this week I have a new one to add to the ever-growing mix.

I have recently been accused of talking too much, in not so many words of course. It was more in some sort of male mumbo jumbo dialect.

So, when hubs sent me an email asking me a question I decided the polite thing to do would be to respond with as few words as possible. After some careful consideration I summed it up with a "yeah".

Well, ladies- get a load of what he shot back...

Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2010 12:27 PM
To: 'Alicia'
Subject: RE: con

please keep your responses short my time is precious ;)

I about died laughing.

They don't want us to talk and then when we don't they go mad.

I've decided if women stopped talking the world as we know it would cease to exist. If you don't believe me try not talking for a day- or an hour.

So I'm chalking it up to yet another male annoyance and going to keep on being the fabulous woman I am.

Because what do men know really? They are merely oversized children disguised in these adult shells, at least that is my latest theory.

What are your latest annoyances with the male species?


  1. Ummmm are we married to the same man...about yea tall, brown eyes, short hair...has a pension for wearing clothes that irritate me?
    Lol you had me laughing in bed.


  3. my favourite annoyance is that my hubbie can't understand that a woman can do two things at once, that if i am cooking, ironing or doing dishes whilst he is talking to me, i can also listen to the very important thing he wants to tell me. He tries to make me stop, stand still and listen, which makes me twitch and think of a million things i need to be doing! It also makes me realise that when he is doing something else, i should not expect him to listen at all!

  4. And of course they never come out and say it, "You talk too much." Men use sarcasm and implication to get their point across. Really?!?

    One annoyance of the male species is they never seem to be visibly/obviously excited about anything. No "that was awesome" or "fabulous" or whatever adjective that would fit the male persona. Something more than "it was alright". Am I supposed to know that I should translate that into excitement. And no being unable to sleep at night due to the excitement and anticipation of something coming up.

    Wow...didn't know that was on my mind this morning LOL

  5. LOL, I think you know MY husband well also, they all appear to come from the same mould! We always joke at our house that " A male never matures past the age of 8 years old", my husband fully agrees!!

  6. I just tweeted about this - but mine told me last night he would take care of the dishes. I went to bed, and what do you think I found this morning? A sparkly clean kitchen? Nope, not even close - all the dirty dishes were sitting "soaking" in grimy water. That was the extent of his cleaning! Would have been easier just to do it myself. Men!

  7. Yep, Men are (definitely) From Mars!! Just "discovered" your blog yesterday and I'm loving looking at all your amazing photographs!

  8. that is too funny! my husband would do something like that.

    what annoys me about my husband...the way he pauses the stinkin' tv in the middle of show we both are watching to point out something totally random, ie american pickers, did you see that jenny...ah yeah I was kind of watching it when you paused it!

  9. their uncanny ability to walk "over " or "around" the bag of garbage waiting to go out and when you mention it to them -
    they just look at you with an expression of "what"???????

  10. Hilarious!!! They only want what they can't have, even if it's their wife talking!!!!

  11. They are completely little children. My husband interrupts me in the bathroom more than I care to admit, he constantly wants me to "look at him!", he needs to be cared for like a baby while sick...that's really all it is. Thank God he doesn't ask to be carried.

  12. OMG! Thankyou, thankyou for the laugh!It is all so true, i feel like a normal wife after this post. On a super late note: I loved your WA photos they were truly amazing i really like allll your pics, i made those subs(philycheesesteak
    )thanks!TX fan!

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there! I just spent that last 30 min tossing clothes down the laundry shoot - yes I said laundry shoot how easy is that? Well in the male world its extremely difficult! As I sit her and type this comment I look on the floor only to see yet a pair of white socks that were left exactly were he took them off last night to watch TV. UGHH!

  14. Well I usually blog around until I find a blog in the morning that makes me laugh so I can go about my day with a smile. Thank you for doing that for me this morning. Thanks you so much for letting me visit. LOL I'm still laughing.

  15. Lol! I love this.
    MB drives me crazy all the time.
    My favorite is putting the clothes on top of the hamper instead of in the hamper.
    Also starting a project and never, ever finishing it. We have had a pile of branches in the driveway for exactly 13 days because he 'says' he is borrowing a friend's wood chipper. This elusive wood chipper better show up soon.

  16. Hahahahahahaha!!!! That is awesome. I talk way too much too! Men. LOL!

  17. He forgets I'm with the kids and so when he gets home, he's constantly saying "Babe, look at her", "Babe, look at the girls", "Babe, watch this" because he forgets I haven't been watching them do whatever it is that he thinks is so cool


  18. Hysterical and true. Men are stupid, plain and simple, and sadly I continue to populate the world with them...3 to be exact. So wrong! :)

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's for Dinner

  19. Well... my husband is quite nice, actually. Not too untidy - at least not more than I am myself. Likes to talk to me, never minds when I´m eating garlic but loves it, as well, cares for our children, helps taking them to school so I can sleep out every morning, never reads my blog because he accepts I don´t want him to read it, always honest... I could go on and on. Yet my one and only complaint is... boredom. Truly, living half of your life (I´m 30 now, and we´ve been together since I was 15) in harmony is very, very tiresome. And that´s a true danger for a marriage, as well. Sigh.
    However, I once had an awesome recipe for a greece garlic soup that consisted, basically, of more than 20 cloves of garlic, boiled :)

    Oh, and I wanted to thank you for your friendly comments on my blog - and it seems like we have quite a similar taste in music, though judging from the title of your blog, I could have guessed that. A beautifull mess is one of my all time favourites :)

    Hugs from the female front, Helen

  20. LOL! I love your husbands response!

  21. he doesn't listen. i mean, he'll actually have entire back and forth conversations and will process none of it. he's worse than the kids.

  22. umm...dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is RIGHT beside the sink...or how about
    following behind me and putting things away in the fridge and such...when I'm NOT DONE WITH THEM YET...
    The last one I'm going to mention is tricky because I KNOW he's trying to help...HOWEVER...when hubs comes home from work he usually plays with the toddlers for a bit so I can do dinner or relax or whatever...the only catch is...EVERY LITTLE THING he does to try to make them laugh he stops and glances in my direction to make sure I'm laughing too...
    Ummm...not a break when I have to have an armload of courtesy laughs at the ready to keep his ego in tact...just sayin'
    Great, funny post :)

  23. Oh the list could be so long LOL! I have to agree with the sleeping through everything one, that irks me so much. Also my husband does the same thing usually he says I talk too much LOL, then when I keep myself busy like reading a book or something he complains that I am ignoring him LOL. Oh, well you can't live with them and you can't live with out them!

  24. Alicia, I am rolling in laughter because although not married...yet, my fiance is starting to show some of those And funny you mention about not talking for a day. They tell us we talk too much but when we don't talk the first question is "Ok, what's wrong? Are you mad at me?" :-) Who understands them? And by the way, thank you for the very sweet sweet comment on my blog and I would be honored if you use my pumpkin loaf recipe. Angie

    P.S. your blog is very inspiring too!

  25. I'm sensing you really hit a nerve here! I think they are just like the largest, oldest kids we are raising and want the most attention sometimes. Mine is pretty easy-going, but still....and yeah, he can sleep through literally anything!

  26. Hahaha!! LOVE this and perfect timing!!

  27. Catching up! Missed this post earlier in the week...thanks you made me laugh!What are we to do! Everything has to go in it's spot...even the milk carton in the fridge...or else it can't be found!Have a great week end. x

  28. Hi Mama!

    I'm back from Mexico and catching up on everybody. My hubs I feel sometimes grunts instead of using actual words because that's how much he hates to talk. And if I'm telling a story and he feels I'm giving him too much detail which never happens, no indeed, he will wave his hand in a hurry up motion and say, "Ok, come on. Say it. You know you can find the point in there somewhere." BUT and I do mean a big BUT, he calls me like, 456, 899 times a day. And then he just wants to sit there and let me do all the talking. Hello, I have a life and that life does not revolve around listening to you breathe on the phone. I'm not all talky talk during the day. Those are my hours, hours to myself and I don't want to sit there on a silent phone holding up the entire conversation!

    Whew! Thanks for that. I feel better now.