Music Monday: Hide

I ask. And you rise to the occasion. Thanks for being such loyal bloggy readers.

After a music poll I learned that only 10% of you actually prefer music on blogs.

These were the reasons given...

Baby sleeping.



Not my type.

Listening to pandora.

Don't like autoplay.

Don't do blogs with music.

So, after a little research I finally figured out a perfect solution.

I can still use and opt to not have it autoplay. Der. I'm thrilled because I already have about a dozen different playlists set up.

Thanks for the swift kick in the fanny. Not a tech genius here. So, I needed the extra push.

If you prefer music, you can click play on the bottom of the screen. If not, no prob. No music.

I will still update periodically and share some of my favs on Music Mondays from time to time.
Today I wanted to share a song that really helped me through a rough week...

"Hide" by Joy Williams.

A truly great message about embracing ourselves as we are, mistakes and all; that we shouldn't hide ourselves away from the world when things get rough.

The video is by togetherana and is artistic and although I love it, it does have one swear word written in the middle just as a heads up to all my christian followers or anyone who may have little ones nearby who can read.

And if by chance you play piano like myself, click here for free printable sheet music for this one.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I dont mind the music...except when Im at work ad it takes a second to open and my boss happens to walk in my office while Im groovin.....on a Tuesday your blog:)

    Have a fashionable day!
    Statements in Fashion

  2. What a great blogger! I always keep my speakers off, so it doesn't affect me, but I can understand why people don't like it!

  3. I am new to your blog. I am glad that I saw this post, love the song!

    Ooo...I wish I knew about Music Monday before I started my Song of the Week post because I would so love to link that weekly post up here. maybe I can incorporate the two...

  4. haha This was funny to read because I recently shut off the 'autoplay' on my playlist player. I love, love, love music but found when I was blogging and listening to my own music on my Rhapsody that I was annoyed when sites started playing music over what I was already listening to. Hence the decision to not annoy people with my own site. ;)

    I would love to do Music Monday, but for now I'm doing Gratitude thingy with Ann Voskamp at Have you ever read her? Wonderful, wonderful. And, I do Tuesday Tunes with

    Bravo to you for being brave enough to turn off the music!


  5. Happy MM Alicia! Love your pick. :)

  6. Awesome - free sheet music! How cool is that!!??
    I think having it as a play list is perfect solution. I love the option of being able to or not depending on my mood :)

  7. I love how you handled that issue. I used to have music on my blog and people complained about it as well...same reasons including that it woke their sleeping spouse. Love the free downloaded it!
    I kindof needed that song this week...thanks.

  8. You play the piano too? In addition to all the other awesome things you do? I am in awe, Lish. You truly are gifted!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  9. I love hearing about what other people are listening to, I love to get some great ideas about songs BUT, I don't like it coming on my computer when I least expect it. So I appreciate that! Thanks for the post!

  10. What a great song! And thanks for the link for the sheet music. I play the piano as well...but very badly. LOL But I keep at it! That's all that matters, right? lol :-) Happy MM!

    Link up here with me too.

  11. I hate autoplay myself, but glad you can keep your playlist on here. I got some cool music last week that you recommended. It's hard to find new stuff sometimes and I like your taste!

  12. Hi Alicia
    Yeah.. i think people dont really like autoplay playlist. In fact a lot of programs dont allow blogs or website to have them.

    Anyway, great song and thanks for participating in MM this week!

  13. I actually really like your music!!! Leave it up for me!;)

  14. I have never liked autoplay - kind of got used to it with MySpace, but I used to keep my volume all the way down so as to not get startled.

    However, I love the option of music because sometimes I discover new bands and sometimes I don't even realize I'm in the mood for a certain style until I hear it.

    Happy Music Monday! Please come check out my Music Monday selection too.

  15. Hi Alicia!

    Thanks for dropping by my blogs and glad you enjoyed my Music Monday picks! :)

    Like you, I too am not into autoplay. I don't know how people do it! Anyways, this is a great song pick and the message is also great. First time I've heard of Joy Williams but she sounds really great! Thanks for the introduction. :)

    Have a great Monday and hope you have a great week ahead!

    My Sweet Escape
    Never Enough Stuff

  16. GREAT song...

    I also do a Music Monday...

    New to your blog and loving it :)

  17. This is a great choice. I may have to link up!


  18. Thanks for visiting. Happy MM and I'm adding you up into my bloglist :) Cheers

  19. Not a fan of music on blogs, but like your playlists :)

    Cool idea for a meme! Music is important to me, so maybe I'll participate one of these days.

  20. Great idea! I'm not a fan of music on blogs for many reasons, slowing down the webpage and my other browser windows. This is a great solution!

  21. i love the idea of having a featured song in the way you did it today. i do like when it isn't on autoplay, though i buy more songs off itunes per your blog than from anywhere else.

  22. Hi Alicia, I love this song and video, just what I needed today, Thank you so much for sharing it. Love your blogs, so glad to meet new fellow bloggers.
    Have a great day,
    Janet :)

  23. Hi Alicia! It's great to e-meet you! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. :-) Your blog is lovely, and for some crazy reason, I'm reeeeally loving that button with the spoons on it (tasty tuesdays). Ahhh, the inspiration! Have a wonderful week! :-)

  24. Hi Alicia, thanks for dropping by my blog! Love your Music Monday selection! Hope to listen to more songs from you next week! :)

    Debbie aka Phatelara

  25. I am going straight to itunes and buying that song! It was great! Thank you for posting it! I enjoy the music on your blog, but I like that I can choose to play it or not because often times I am blogging at night when the boys are sleeping! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  26. What a great song! I always enjoyed your music but I'm glad you added your new feature! This way, when I forget who has a player I don't have to adjust my volume or jump out of my seat because I didn't expect the music! LOL - Hope you are having a great Monday! ;)

  27. Just linked up! The artist I chose was A fine Frenzy, if you haven't heard her she is great! I hope enjoy!

  28. This is a new one fore me - good tune. Hope this week is less rough :D

  29. I'll definitely link up next week! What a great idea. I love music...morning noon and night, on blogs and in the car, at the gym and while cleaning. Especially while cleaning.