16 Must See Gutless Pumpkin Solutions

This is my Friday Finds- Pumpkin Edition.

We do the pumpkin farm annually. I look forward to it. Traditions are the spice of life. But I must confess I HATE diggin out guts. Plus you have to put it off til last minute to prevent the mold before the big day. We normally find a day first part of October, but due to soccer conflicts, work schedules, and other unforseen obstacles we have yet to get our pumpkins.

If you LOVE all the slimey, gooey guts, then this might not be for you. In my search for less messy solutions this is what I dug up.


The best part is the majority of these are great for the entire season, not just Halloween. And if you aren't carving them open chances are they'll last a bit longer. I prefer to decorate for longer than a week if possible.

The following section is broken up into categories and all links coincide with pics from left to right.

We have done the pumpkin stack for the last 4-5 years. Love it. It's so fun to pick out the perfect ones at the pumpkin patch. Last year we found these gnarley wart-like ones that were perfect for our base. You can be as creative as you want to be. We put them on either side of the front door. They would also be nice in a stand.


A Beautiful Mess
Martha Stewart
Country Living

Fairly easy and what a beautiful transformation.


Mom Designer
Ladies' Home Journal
Better Homes and Garden

Whether you like fun, modern, elegant, or just want something more unique- this is the perfect solution.


Striped Pumpkins from All You
Modern Pumpkins from Curbly
Silver Pumpkins from Remodelaholic
Cobweb or Woodgrain Pumpkins from Country Living
Hand Drawn Pumpins from Project Wedding
Chalkboard Pumpkins from Indie Fixx

This is for all you crafty people out there. But I have to say I love the nail idea!! What an easy way to make a dramatic effect in any pattern.


Decoupage from My Military Mansion
Decorative Nails from Let's Entertain
Ribbon from Handmade Parade

If you are up for a challenge, this might be for you. Definitely a prize in the end.


Vermicelli Curlicue Pumpkin, Cinderella Pumpkin Flower, and Leaf Pattern from Country Living

Happy Autumn!


  1. Wow, these are awesome! And how cool that you can keep thema around longer than just a week or so.

    Now I'm starting to get that fall feeling!

  2. Just found your blog:) I love these pumpkins. I love cutting into them but I like that these will last longer

  3. I love love LOVE etched pumpkins. They look so gorgeous, but I have no patience to do it myself. No, this year I'm pulling out guts (I hate that job too) because I love the carving part. I try to find something complicated and new to try out - this year's pumpkin is featuring Blue from Blue's Clues (Georgia's favorite cartoon!).

  4. Love it love it love it!!! I think I'm going to be decoupaging my pumpkin! What a great idea! :D

  5. I kind of LOVE digging out the guts! I also love the seeds!

  6. Ok. Maybe for the sake of tradition everyone should dig out at least one. And if not tradition, do it for the seeds. I guess I'd just rather have them around longer, especially after those pumpkin farm prices.

  7. Wow, these are awesome! Will have to try to make at least one this year!! Hope!
    by the way,awesome blog!

  8. Love the pumpkins! I'm a new follower......Nice Blog!

  9. Those are a some ideas! I don't mind the guts because I like to make the roasted pumpkin seeds. But these are great ideas I would really like to try some of them out!

  10. I love having decorating pumpkin options that don't include a knife and my kids begging to carve the pumpkin. These are great solutions, I'll have to pick one and roll with it!

  11. Wow! These are amazing. We like the guts at this house so we will probably stick with the simple jack-o-lanterns but what fun to do something totally different. We dry lots of fall leaves so I may have to try the decoupage one.
    Stopping by from Twitter!

  12. How fun! I think I like the stacked ones best :)

  13. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. We are getting ready to do something with our pumpkins finally.

  14. What a clever way to avoid the guts, which I hate! I had never thought of stenciling. I may have to try a few of these. I think my favorites are the stacked, the stenciled, and the etched. Clever, clever. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I loooooove the white stenciled punkins.

  16. Love all the different pumpkins. Just stumbled upon your blog! i just visited Cedar Rapids for the first time on Sunday! My hubs had a soccer tourney. We live in Des Moines. Hope to stop by again!