Tasty Tuesdays Bloghop: Kicking Up Your Chicken with Kristi's Sweet and Spicy Sauce

Today I am excited to share a fabulous blogger and friend.

Kristi is a crazy-busy wife and mother of 4 who has a deep passion for her family, photography and mid-day naps. She's living it up, loving out loud and laughing it off at Live and Love...Out Loud. Oh and sometimes she gets around to cooking dinner. Sometimes.

Looking to kick your plain fried chicken up a notch? My Sweet and Spicy Sauce is simple, tasty and guaranteed to be the highlight of your next potluck or family meal. It's an Asian twist on an American classic and it's beyond delicious.

Use as a dipping sauce, drizzle on chicken or dunk pieces in as they come out of the fryer. Either way, you can't lose.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken

Sweet and Spicy Sauce


  • 1 cup soy sauce

  • 12 Tbsp. sugar

  • 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper

  • 4 - 8 garlic cloves, minced (*I'm crazy about garlic and have no qualms about using all 8 cloves, but you may prefer to use less. And that's alright. I promise not to judge you.)

Makes 6 - 8 servings, or 4 lbs. fried chicken
Prep Time: 5 - 10 minutes


In a medium bowl, whisk soy sauce, sugar and cayenne pepper until sugar is dissolved. Stir in garlic. Set aside to rest at room temperature.

Drizzle over chicken, use as a dipping sauce. Or my personal favorite, dip the chicken pieces in the sauce as they come out of the fryer. Talk about insane flavor!

Serve on a bed of rice, break out the chopsticks and have it.

Eat. Enjoy. Thank me later.

Can't wait to try this one, Kristi. Sounds like the perfect idea for a holiday shindig.

If you have one to share, just link it up below. Thanks for stopping by Tasty Tuesdays! Enjoy the bloghop!

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  1. Every Tuesday I link to your blog before I have dinner and then I am suffering. This chicken looks so good. I wish I had this for dinner. Looks delicioso! Angie

  2. Your chicken and sauce looks YUM!


  3. Oh, my word! That sounds so good. I'm saving the recipe. Thanks!

  4. That looks delicious! I can't wait to try it!

  5. Thanks for hosting! Have a good week.


  6. Your "Asian twist on an American classic" sounds fantastic. I will have to make some fried chicken very soon, my mouth is watering!


  7. All linked up; thanks for hosting!

    And this chicken sounds delish! I made oven fried chicken last week and now I'll have to add some Asian flair!

  8. I LOVE Tasty Tuesdays! I don't always comment, but I DO print off SO many recipes that everyone posts! YUM!

  9. Oh Alicia, this looks so yummy! I have to try it after my diet. :(
    Thanks Kristi and Alicia for this great recipe. Kristi and you are great and I love both of your blog´s!!!


  10. Kristi was teasing about this since yesterday. She swears it's a must-cook!!

  11. I just found you today and I linked to my Snickerdoodle Cookie recipe. It is gluten free but if you don't have issues with gluten, it can be made with "normal" flour.
    Thanks for hosting!

  12. This looks delicious and perfect for my Beat the Winter Blues Party! Tomorrows topic is comfort food, come and link up @ http://goodbycityhellosuburbs.blogspot.com