30 Days of Spring, Week 1 in Review

So, I've survived my first week of my 30 Days of Spring Photo Challenge. I must admit I'm having a hard time keeping track of my days, so correct me if I'm wrong. And don't be confused if I change my numbers here or there. I actually started counting on April 15th, so technically there will be 31 days. Hard to believe I was good in math. I think I posted twice in one day and it threw me off. So, if you are following daily feel free to do your own numbering system.

We've had a few unexpected surprises, but it's been a lot of fun witnessing the first signs of spring through the lens of my camera.

Thurs, April 14th Intro to 30 Days of SpringPhotobucket
{30 Days of Spring Photo Challenge}

Fri, April 15th Day 1Photobucket
{Saying Good-Bye For Now}

Sat, April 16th Day 2Photobucket
{More Unexpected Spring Surprises}

Sun, April 17th Day 3Photobucket
(Spring Yields Great Action Shots, Plus 5 Photo Tips}

Mon, April 18th Day 4Photobucket
{Beam of Sunshine}

Tues, April 19th Day 5Photobucket
{Sometimes You Have To Fake It}

Wed, April 20th Day 6Photobucket
{Snippets of Spring}

Thurs, April 21st Day 7Photobucket
{Robin's Nests}

Fri, April 22nd Day 8Photobucket
{Seeing Spots}

You can click on links beneath photos to see more of these shoots.

I'm looking forward to the next weeks of spring as green gradually replaces the hues of browns. Definitely not something to take for granted. It is nothing short of miraculous watching the earth once again come to life after a long winter of hibernation.

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  1. all so pretty. LOVE the polka-dotted toes! Can't wait to spring to be in full bloom :) warm and sunny, great time of year!

  2. Oh WOW! I love these...every single one! The variety is fantastic and those little nests look delicious! Wonderful Spring shots! :-)

  3. of course i love all of them but day 5 is just so beautiful!

  4. LOVE the polka-dotted toes too:) I'm expecting to bee quite warm here like +17 celsius and my three weeks holiday starts so I'm very happy. I think today I will do some cleaning outside and enjoy the sun:)
    Happy happy weekend

  5. I just love your first one...
    and the soccer!
    thanks for the great photos