Sometimes You Have To Fake It.

Today is April 19th and Day 5 of my 30 Days of Spring Photo Challenge if you are playing along.

If you haven't yet joined it is not too late, jump in any time. It runs through May 15th.

You know when it is only Tuesday and you are already wiped you are in trouble. I think I have this lovely weather to thank. (Do you hear the sarcasm?)

It is 35 degrees outside today, raining, and feels like 14 (just updated from 18) with those northeasterly winds at 20mph.

Friday it poured buckets while grandma peacefully slipped away. It is actually my hub's grandma, but I lost my last grandma when I was expecting little man almost 12 years ago now and the others were all gone while I was still young. This was the last grandparent for both of us. Thank you for all the sweet, thoughtful words. They are much appreciated.

Saturday it snowed here. Yes, giant flakes were falling out of the sky and there were even accumulations. I wish I could say it was a white lie, but no. It actually happened. And I thought I'd freeze to death at Little Man's soccer game. No amount of layers seemed to help. And I know when hubs is whining it is stinking cold.

Yesterday made it to the 40s, but if you live in Iowa or have ever visited here, you know how cold those winds can be. (But you have to experience it to have a genuine appreciation.) The actual feel was more in the 20s. But I ventured out anyways. A bit under dressed for those cold wind gusts in my 3 inch wedge sandals and spring jacket. I scoured the city in hopes of capturing some spring blossoms. And what a let down.

Even the birds seemed to be confused.

If I didn't know better I would think it were fall. Or winter. Mother nature certainly seems to be confused. Or plotting against me.

The little flowers I found had been ravaged and beat up by the snow from the weekend. I had to really stretch my imagination. I was stoked to have found one single blossom that was still intact. It was my one beam of sunshine on an otherwise cold, cloudy day.

If you are reading this... I am now begging. Please, oh please send me some spring. Anything you got. I'm not picky. I could really use a pick-me-up about now.

So, today I am sharing an example of how from time to time you have to fake it.

You may remember my Spring bedroom make under. Yes, even back in February I was dreaming of spring days- barbecues, walks in the park, scatterings of pinks and purples in fragrant aromas, even bugs. And thunderstorms. (That is when the bedroom transformation began.) I told myself that I would take any of it if it would just come. However, I was not prepared for snow or freezing temps. That was not what I envisioned.

So I decided to plaster photos and reminders... you know, trick myself. Fake it. Will it.

I racked my brain and ransacked my scrapbook supplies and came up with this.
I used miniature clothes pins and actually attached the letters to the twine. It was dark out and I couldn't wait 'til morning to capture it, so I put it against a white board, raised the ISO to some crazy big number and used the flash. It wasn't that impressive.

So I plugged it into photoshop elements and started adjusting the contrast.

But I wanted more. So, I snagged this photo from little man's photo shoot and cropped him out.


Then I added the clouds behind the text.

I added Florabella's Jane action, my new fav. It gave it just the pop I was looking for.

And that my friends is how you fake it. It is also how my 30 Days of Spring Photo Challenge came to be. Out of a desperate need for sunshine and blue skies. Doesn't it just scream spring?

If you want to send me some of your sunshine (preferably the non-artificial kind), you can add your pics to my 30 Days of Spring flickr group.

You can tweet it using the #30dos hashtag.

Or you can do a post and share it here at project alicia. (The linky is over at Day 1.) Just grab this button.

Project Alicia



  1. This is such a clever idea. I love the new button. We have more rain than sun here lately as well, and it seems like when its sunny, we are too busy enjoying it for me to take pics. I'll have to remember to keep my camera on me again.

    --The Drama Mama

  2. So sorry...I'll sent you some sunshine :-)
    What a great edit and cute button!

  3. Sorry about your grandma and the snow, but I love how your picture came out in the end!

  4. Gorgeous spring! Oh the sun finally came out today in the Seattle area for a little while. Looking forward to full on Spring like your photos. :)

  5. Very cute! :) So creative! I voted for your pic at trendy treehouse :)

  6. Sooo cool! I clicked over from your post from today to see how you made this image. I LOVE it - fantastic!