Thank you for sharing your spring with me...

After some soggy, cold days here and blogger trying to sabotage my 30 days of spring finale, I decided rather than rely on myself, I would turn my blog over to you.

I am floored and in awe at the unbelievable entries that have poured into the flickr page and linky group. You are so talented! If you need some inspiration or just a little pick-me-up, click over. You won't be sorry.

These are just a few from my 30 days of Spring flickr group. Several of these photographers shared multiple photos and it was so difficult to pick just one. But know that this is just a taste. You can click on their links to see more of their work.

In no particular order I give you... little bits of spring from all over the world.

by Jami McClusky

Day 125
by Kara Leigh Photography

by Henrietta Hassinen

by Southern Gal Thoughts

by Dina at 4 Lettre Words

by Wild Ginger Photography

by Rebecca at Simply Stated

Lamb Cuddles
by Rebecca Nichols, Satakieli

by Jennifer at Studiojru

Open Catkin in Spring
by el vigilante

by Tayarra at 5 Sharp Lives

by Allison Hoffman

Why this daisy?
by Megan at MNMs

Thank you to all who have participated in my 30 Days of Spring Photo Challenge. An idea that came to me in the wee hours of the morning as a way to get me through the "waiting part" of spring. It has certainly been a strange year for us here in the midwest. Snow in mid April. Much cooler temps. Except for the last couple days when mother nature threw us some tropical temps in the 90s. Turns out she is a tease and within 24 hours we had a crazy 50 degree shift, unfortunately not for the warmer. Today is 40s and raining. And my sweatshirt doesn't seem to be enough.

But whenever I need a little sunshine I just look through your photos and it always makes me feel better. So thanks again!

Project Alicia


  1. Such great pictures. Thank you so much for featuring one of mine. It means a lot! These are beautiful. I enjoyed this so much! I don't know if I have mentioned it, but I love Spring ; )! You are such an inspiration and have encouraged me tons to smile at the little things in life especially in crap times and to capture beauty around me. Thanks so much for your friendship and support!

  2. What a stunning collection of photos from far and wide. Other than your delightful collection on Flickr, my next favourites were all of Dina's ones. Thanks so much for showcasing one of mine too - it was great being part of your 30 days even if we are actually in the opposite season here! Gives me hope to get through winter knowing new life will spring again xx

  3. Love them all. So bright and cheery!!!

  4. Thank you for this, I think it has helped for everyone of us for this long waiting and it is always so nice to see pictures around the world not only own backyard:)

  5. I'm honored to be included, Alicia. What a beautiful collection!

  6. gorgeous gorgeous pictures of spring!! I love flower shots...can't ever go wrong capturing nature!! Great job all!

  7. Thanks so much for including me - I feel so cool to be a part of this group!! They are all soo gorgeous!

  8. Those are gorgeous! I have to say it was super exciting to see a lot of my bloggy friends featured here! They are amazing & bring me smiles each & every day- these photos here are no exception.

  9. Found it! This is great, thanks for adding my photos to your flickr and adding a photo of mine here. What fun... so, what's next? ;) Great pictures, everyone!

  10. I love how you can see the parts of the web that are fraying!

  11. wow, what amazing photos
    thanks for sharing those with us