Top Five Pics of the Week {Crazy Days of Summer: Week Five}

Summer is well under way and Kristi (of Live and Love Out Loud) and I are having a blast with our Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. We're thrilled with the fantastic turn out and the photos that have been pouring in.

The photos submitted for our light theme knocked our socks flip flops off. Sunsets, sun flares, fireworks...oh my! They were amazing to say the least.

Here are a few of our favorites, in no particular order of course…

Top Five Pics of the Week

Submitted by Lawrence Girls

Submitted by MNM's

Submitted by live. love. travel.

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Submitted by The Daily Wyatt

Submitted by A Rural Journal

Thank you so much for joining Kristi (of Live and Love Out Loud) and I in the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. We're thrilled with the photos that have been pouring in each week. Don't forget to join us on Friday, July 8th when we tackle a new theme: patriotism. All are invited regardless of skill level or time commitment. For additional details and a complete list of upcoming themes, head on over to the Summer Photo Challenge page.


  1. Oh wow, these are gorgeous shots. I'm not participating this week (boo!) only because I didn't get any good patriotic shots, though I had some in mind.

  2. Thanks so much for picking my shot, wow...I'm so rapt! And with such a fantastic theme, I can imagine it must have been a tough pick!

  3. Congrats to this weeks winners of the challenge! The photos are amazing. I'll be poking around each winners blog later in hopes of finding more treasures.

  4. Oh how beautiful! I really love the first one, and the batman one is too precious! All are just great!

  5. Those shots are great!! I feel like everyone is putting me to shame LOL


  6. wow, thanks for picking my shot!! there were so many great ones this week!

  7. That first one is just as stunning, if not moreso, than when I first saw it by clicking over from the bloghop last week. Seriously amazing.

  8. Incredible shots - those clouds in that last one are fabulously ominous!

  9. Thanks for the shout-out, Alicia. Truly appreciated. :)