A Break Well Spent.

I've talked about the balancing act multiple times over the last couple years. Wish I could say I had it all figured out by now, but the battle rages on.

Let's face facts, blogging is a time suck. And then there's email, facebook, facebook fan page, twitter, stumble upon, pinterest, blogfrog, flickr, google plus, linkedin, instagram, tumblr, etsy...

(Notice those pretty new buttons over there- to the right? I'm trying hard to stay connected. I enjoy the connections and friendships the blogging world has provided.)

But life was so much simpler pre-smart phone days when I didn't know that I had 25 new emails, 7 twitter messages, 12 facebook notifications, and 3 texts waiting on me.

You may have noticed I've cut back a bit, but today I actually stepped away from all social media for eight straight hours. Unless you count my couple sneak peeks at pinterest. (That app is dangerous!)

In that amount of time...

I dolled myself up, lipstick and all.

I made my bed.

I detailed my car from top to bottom.

I went grocery shopping for the next week.

I picked up my son from cross country practice.

I cleaned out the fridge and pantry.

I washed, folded, and put away multiple loads of laundry.

I read a magazine.

I had my hair highlighted and styled.

I made a home cooked meal.

I vacuumed.

I quizzed my daughter on her spelling words.

I watched wheel of fortune with pokey.

I tidied the office.

I snapped some photos.

And I sat down with my family to dinner and visited about the goings on of our day.

It was busy. Productive. And the best day I've had in a long time.

To the other 113 Wordless Wednesday linkups and the 78 unread emails I haven't made my way to yet, please forgive my delay. Motherhood, marriage, and lish time called.

And FYI? There may be more social media breaks in my near future. And although I may be a little more flawed in the time management department, I think you should all consider unplugging from time to time. Relive pre-blogging/social media days for a few hours. It may do you a world of good.

Just sayin.

Found this on pinterest and it stopped me in my tracks.
(Courtesy of Ali Edwards via pinterest.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words. To comment. To link up. And for forgiving me when a post is accidentally sent to the world via my feedburner.

You guys rock. Now go turn off your computer and enjoy your family.


  1. I am with you on this! I have deleted my totally unused Facebook profile, am posting 3 times a week and am reading more...Life is great!

    Pinterest....well that's another story altogether! I love it and am really enjoying hosting my new pinning party. Maybe when you have some spare time you could join in one weekend!

    Best wishes and have a great weekend!

  2. I love this so much Alicia and I love you. I took a week off of blogging but I still checked email. It would be nice to just unplug from everything for that long. I could get so much done. I love that quote that you posted. I may just do that tomorrow. Thanks for being inspiring. xoxo

  3. Love this post, Lish! That quote? Will have to repinned it if that's ok with you :D

  4. I will be joining you in this. Much needed break indeed!

  5. Good on you. I was just thinking today what we used to do before social media. I remember my grandma having time to iron socks and underwear back in the day.
    BTW: cute buttons.

  6. Good on ya gal. Something we all need to do from time to time. That's a whole lotta stuff you got done in that time too I'm impressed!

  7. I completely agree that we all need time to unplug every now and then. A few months ago, I started "technology free" times throughout the week to have extra bonding time with the family, interruption-free. At first it was actually a bit of a struggle, as I was so afraid I was going to "miss" something. Now I really look forward to those times and I've found that even when I am online, my time spent on social networking has been cut back to do other more important and productive things!

  8. i'm not sure how you manage to keep up with everything on your plate. i don't face or tweet or pin and can barely stay ahead of all the blogs i read (as well as my own).

  9. Good to hear you had a productive break! I have all the social media stuff too and i try to keep up and i dont even have kids! so i dont know how you do it...

  10. wow...make-up AND vacuuming?! I'm jealous!


  11. I know what you mean, I have 161 comments to wait (those are from last few weeks) and I don't want take stress of them. I get back to them when I feel like that even if that takes me months but nobody pays me money of this so I do when I'm up to that. I have so old mobile phone that I don't have access ti internet through that and it is good thing. This suppose be fun not work so relax and you don't have to get back every comment like I don't have to either if we don't feel like it:)
    Now I have to harry to work and be there late at night so no time for blogging:)
    Have a relaxing weekend with your family

  12. I have not started pinterest nor facebook but I agree with you about blogging and all the other social media. I try to make family time more important and I just give up a little me time to work on my blogging! I guess you could say that blogging is my me time.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. I'm glad to hear it- walking away is good for the soul. It will keep you fresh & recharged. Looking forward to hearing about what you do when you find the time to break from it all.

  14. Always love your perspective! I've been unplugging a lot myself lately...it feels good (for the moment).
    ~Ty & Trace

  15. Excellent post! I haven't unplugged to such an extent, but I try to limit blogging and FB to nap time and after my girls go to bed. I use the internet a whole lot for recipes and keeping up with my family, so it is hard for me to set it aside entirely. We have a "no technology" rule at supper, so every evening we sit at the table, eat a good meal, chat, and giggle with the babies. It is a fantastic way to end each day.

  16. I constantly post about balancing life, kids, marriage, blogging...I am always wondering how to fit it all in..I've taken a few blogging breaks too and they are the best!! It's a true struggle being the everything to everyone!
    I've been reading your blog for awhile and am now just saying hi...
    Bonus...we have the same great name! ;)

  17. So glad you enjoyed your day! As much as I love blogging and the people I've met, it really does take a lot of time. I don't know how people with young children do it.

  18. Great post, glad you enjoyed your day! I think I'm saved from a lot of social media time suck simply because I don't own a cell phone! I was fully intending to get one when we arrived back in the States but I never got around to it... now I don't think I'll bother with one.

    I still spend too much time on the computer though... argh.

  19. I unplugged this weekend (for the most part) and spent 52 blissful hours with just my husband. Not worrying about blogging or answering emails for seeing what people are talking about on facebook. It was great! I also plan to do that more often.

  20. Glad you took some time to unplug! It is so important and easy to forget! Thanks for the reminder, and great photos, by the way!