Happy Spring [Nurture Photography]

Happy first day of Spring, friends! I know for many of you it's been a long winter and spring can't come soon enough. Even here in the south things seem to be a bit delayed this year.

But I have great news! I'm teaming up with Rebecca of Bumbles and Light and Kristi of Live and Love out Loud to bring you a fun Spring Photo Challenge!

What better way to thwart off the winter blues than by grabbing your camera in celebration of those first signs of spring. Watching the earth once again wake from her long slumber...
   photo IMG_1858edit900px_zpseec86ea1.jpg

I'm certainly looking forward to opening the windows and ridding our home of the germs that have lingered far too long.
   photo easter900px_zpsb040b060.jpg

This past weekend I was still under the weather, but hubs and I took a lovely drive out to a peach orchard. The orchard wasn't much to look at yet, but the fresh air did me good and the few blossoms I found certainly renewed my spirits.

 photo IMG_1726edit900px_zpsb06e1227.jpg

Not sure what it is about those first buds, but with them come hope.

 photo IMG_5108edit900px_zps18441f79.jpg

Hope of new life. New beginnings. And sunshiny, happy days ahead...
   photo IMG_1871edit900px_zps170a3242.jpg

Let's rejoice! “It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” -Rainer Maria Rilke

 photo IMG_1706edit900px_zpsbd8011f0.jpg

I hope you will join me with camera come April 5th for our first week. You are sure to be nurtured and inspired.

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Take a look at our inspiring weekly prompts below and don't forget to mark your calendars.

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  1. yay!! so happy to see you in the challenges again! will look forward to this one! hoping to see some signs of spring around here soon!

  2. Thanks Tish! I'm excited to be back and looking forward to watching spring through other's eyes. :)

  3. yay! looking forward to it ;)
    thanks for hosting !!!!

  4. I'm soooo looking forward to this! Awesome that you are joining in on hosting =]

  5. I can't wait to do this and to see what everyone else does! :)

  6. I hope to see more pictures and possibly colored ones (sorry if this is
    not your style) but for me, spring is color and life; spring is transition from
    the lifeless and white blanket of snow to the lively and colorful springtime.

  7. I'm sorry these photos are not to your liking, Maria. I hope this doesn't dissuade you from participating in the challenge as I am but one of three hosts and we all have different editing styles. I actually have been quite ill and spring has been a bit delayed this year, so these photos are a reflection of how I was feeling as I edited. I am sure there will be more color as the weeks progress which will most likely affect my mood and editing. Thanks so much for taking time out to stop by and comment.

  8. i wonder why this just popped into my email now, almost a year later..
    hope you are doing great... miss your posts....