Green/Nature [Nurture Photography]

Green was supposed to be my easy week. Three failed shoots and 500 photos later I am surrendering before I go into a computer induced cataract coma. And with only a handful of keepers... I'll have to schedule a big delete session for another day, but for now I've selected just a few of my favs to highlight the world I'm privileged to wake up to these days.
   photo IMG_3770edit900px_zpsde4c42b9.jpg

It really is glorious here at the moment. And if it wasn't for the yellow dusting of pine pollen everywhere and hub's absence I'd have enjoyed this week a little more. Hubs has been gone on business and I have slept nine hours over the last three days. I was always told as a child that an active imagination was a good thing, but as I lay awake in the wee hours- I was wishing it away. Sleep deprivation certainly does a number on me- but moms are not allowed to be tired or sick. As I have fumbled my way through this week, working and juggling kid's activities, homework and dinner- exhausted and habitually three steps behind- I have acquired great admiration for all you single moms out there as well as a renewed appreciation for all that hubs does to help out.
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While shuttling kids to and from activities, I've had a chance to take in this new season that seems to have sprung up overnight and I'm in awe of the beauty. There's so many coniferous trees and when the deciduous start filling in it's quite a sight to behold- everything is green, green, green! Every shade of green on the spectrum. It's a vast change from the farmlands of Iowa.

 photo leafcombo900px_zps06b29d6a.jpg

There's plenty of new-to me "green" and I'm determined to learn all of the names of the trees. One of these days I'd like to do some South Carolina leaf prints for my walls. These were just a few I found in my neighborhood.

Note to self: Make better shoe choices when traipsing through groves and thick brush, aka home to poisonous snakes and spiders.
   photo IMG_4037900px_zps5bf264fb.jpg

After such a hairy week, I was dreading this deadline. But, I have to admit- it's been gorgeous weather here and although none of my Pine Island photos made the cut, having a reason to sit and immerse myself in nature was just what I needed to unwind and recharge. Seagulls. Soothing water. Tall pines. And quiet reflection. My favorite kind of afternoon.

 photo greencombo3900px_zpsccdd0eaf.jpg

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd- the one day a year set aside for the sole purpose of giving thanks for this beautiful earth that we've been given. I hope that you will make some time to get out and commune with nature. Get some fresh air! Take a walk through the woods to see what's sprouting up. Or go plant a tree.
   photo IMG_3731900px_zpsaf049edd.jpg

We actually planted our little garden last weekend. It's a raised bed that hubs and little man put together last year, tucked away in our backyard. The kids do a remarkable job tending to it and they love to watch it grow. Here in SC you never know what kind of surprises you may find. As we were preparing the bed for our seeds and vegetable plants we found several ginormous, gnarled carrots that had grown through the winter to nearly the depth of our garden bed. If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have seen them.
   photo IMG_3679edit900px_zps376d632f.jpg

I'm not sure how it happened, as I don't have much of a green thumb despite my parent's best efforts to teach me, but both of my children seem to have natural instincts when it comes to gardening. They certainly possess an immense love of all things living and are often great examples to me. As a mother I love watching the world through their eyes.

Whether you have nature loving children or not, I hope that you will take up my challenge to get out and celebrate our remarkable earth this week. No matter where you live, beauty abounds. It's there for the seekers.


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My Nurture Photography co-hosts, Kristi and Rebecca, also have some fabulous spring photos to check out today! Make sure to stop over and be inspired! Rebecca is sharing some fabulous tips on clean editing this week, such an important key element to post editing. And if you missed it, Kristi shared an easy to understand aperture tutorial last week with a wonderful graphic.


  1. PieniLintu LintunenFriday, 19 April, 2013

    I love that leaf collection shot! <3

  2. Such a nice set. I love that you've captured your interaction (yours, kids) with the green of nature. Really pulls it all together. I'm ready for a bare foot walk down that path!!

  3. I LOVE the picture of you in the road with your shoes in hand. Beautiful.

  4. I think these are phenomenal and capture the essence of spring (and green) perfectly.
    I totally bow down to single parents. Shoot, I have a hard time some days taking care of just one...and a husband...and a dog who is a total jerk.
    Ps. How do you get those gorgeous shots of yourself??

  5. Tiaras & TantrumsFriday, 19 April, 2013

    I have the curriculum planned out for the day on Monday! You used to live in IA? I did too! Still in the midwest though and thoroughly enjoying this rain!

  6. I'm in love with the second photo. Sooo gorgeous!

  7. Creating Through LIFEFriday, 19 April, 2013

    Did you know there's an app called Leaf Snap that's free? I just downloaded it recently, it could really help you with your quest to learn all the different trees. Apparently you can take a picture of a leaf and it will identify the tree for you. Love your raised garden bed!

  8. Aww, thanks so much! That was my favorite part of my green photo hunt. ;)

  9. Hermosa entrada, preciosas todas las fotos!
    Abrazos y feliz fin de semana.

  10. i can't imagine so many of your photos not turning out! these are all amazing. the photo of you on the road and the leaf collection are my favorites. your dress is adorable! love the raised garden bed too. wish you guys could come build one for me!! :)

  11. you have amazing pictures!!!

  12. Beautiful greens, the pic nr. 4 (low close up from the ground toward the forest) is fabulous! I love all of them! Congratz on your garden, it's lovely for the children to plant, water and if lucky, also reap something during the summer :) And the best of luck for getting a nap in between - insomnia is devastating, making one feel teary and moody ... Enjoy the sun!

  13. Oh my! I'm so excited! Off to find it now! Thanks so much for sharing. I have an app called Sound Hound that identifies music, but didn't know about this. What will they think of next?

  14. Beautiful scenes with the green! We've finally started turning green with rain this past week.

  15. I love the photo with your back turned to the camera. But then, the other's are great too - as always! Hope you have a better week and get some sleep and relaxation in!

  16. love your green.

  17. I love that shot of you walking barefoot on the road. I just tells about how peaceful and beautiful your place is. :-)

  18. yes, i can attest to the critic part ...
    when will you get your own place? are you waiting til you learn the area more?

  19. These are such beautiful images I'm kicking myself for not looking at them sooner!