Project Alicia : June 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lately, Mushy Mom Thoughts and a Goodbye for Now...

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but my once pudgy diaper wearing, tantrum throwing toddlers have morphed into little adults- with opinions, personalities and styles all their own.
   photo IMG_8144edit900px_zps3c1dae1a.jpg

Although there are many a night just as restless as those first days, my role has shifted to a much less integral part. I am no longer the center of their universe. My ideas are generally uncool and hugs and kisses have been replaced by hateful words on occasion. There are moments I must quietly slip away so they don't see the pain filled tears in my eyes. My once beautiful babies are growing up and exerting their independence. Those exciting "firsts" are behind us. We are now transitioning into the dreaded "lasts"... last day of middle school, last day sharing shoes, last year singing to daddy, last loose tooth...

Just an inch behind me, it won't be long before even my baby girl surpasses me.
   photo IMG_0549900px_zpsd159ddd0.jpg

My son is well beyond me in math. And both teach me something on an almost daily basis.

I often feel displaced in my own life. Unimportant. Expendable.

I can't help but wonder how this happened. And without any warning...

From swaddling babes 100% dependent on me to these strange, smelly beings that sleep half the day and prefer to hide out in their rooms.

But truth be told, no amount of warning could have ever prepared me for this stage of mothering.

Bras. Deodorant shopping. Mood swings. It's only the beginning...

So, I enter these uncharted waters... holding tight to any last sign of youth.

 photo IMG_0966900px_zps54e82e73.jpg

And cherishing every single moment they grant me.

This week we've had a couple rainy days. And to my surprise we found a NetFlix series that even my son enjoyed. We popped corn, found treats and snuggled for hours. It was bliss.

 photo IMG_1013edit900px_zpsd1d89914.jpg

The rains were off and on all day. When they subsided, Little Man wanted to take a walk. I jumped at the opportunity.

 photo IMG_1071900px_zps75517089.jpg

We watched storm clouds roll in and got drenched running home as the clouds released more of the wet stuff.
   photo IMG_1078900px_zps80b41725.jpg

We picked berries.
   photo IMG_1100edit2900px_zpsf1ead5a6.jpg

 photo IMG_1102edit900px_zpsee462e42.jpg

In the rain.

 photo IMG_1108edit2900px_zps29325359.jpg

On Sunday I got to witness rare, tender moments exchanged between father and children. Even fuzzy iphone snaps will be forever treasured.
   photo IMG_0962edit2900px_zpsaac46abb.jpg

 photo IMG_5838edit900px_zpsf0c63851.jpg

Although they think they don't require parental guidance, I know better. It will be these difficult years fraught with peer pressure, temptations and heartache that they will need me even more.
   photo IMG_9879edit3900px_zps1fb748e9.jpg

So, I will continue to smile and embarrass them in public and do my thing. Because whether they want it or not, I am not going away. And I will root for them and listen to them when they'll let me and love them regardless...

Because I'm their Mom.

It is with these words... that I leave you for a short spell. I don't want to be tied to a computer this summer. I want to have the freedom and flexibility to be spontaneous and present for every single moment.

So, goodbye for now.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WW: Our Weekend at Folly Beach

 photo IMG_0020edit900px_zps19a265cd.jpg  photo IMG_0314edit900px_zps25ac2f97.jpg  photo IMG_0331edit900px_zpsccb831c5.jpg  photo IMG_0279edit900px_zpsafb342e3.jpg  photo IMG_0327edit900px_zps3fa94d28.jpg  photo IMG_0282edit900px_zps3d62a6b0.jpg  photo IMG_0297edit900px_zps2cf32613.jpg  photo IMG_0338edit2900px_zpsdd45a73f.jpg  photo IMG_0417edit2900px_zps2a80a6c3.jpg

In rare fashion, I've decided to forgo words on today's post (as much as I'd love to share some of the fun stories). I hope you aren't sick of my beachy iphone snaps because there's plenty more ahead.

This is Wordless Wednesday. You can grab my button in the sidebar but it is not required to participate. Just grab any photo and come link up! And if you'd like to connect with other WW participants, click HERE or one of the thumbnails below. It's a fun way to meet some new folks!

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

WW: Summer Printable & Giveaway

T minus two days... and kidlets will be out for summer (if you count these partial days til 10:30). I think we all have the time-for-school-to-be-done-already-summer fever around these parts. Last night I was quizzing my daughter on Hiduism, the Great Wall of China, Mesopotamia as well as plenty of other unfun historical tidbits. And little man is trying hard to stay on task. It seems cruel to still have projects and looming tests in June. Particularly with these beautiful sunny days in the high eighties teasing us and friend's trip photos plastered around the net. Even with all of the snow make-up days in Iowa, I can't recall ever getting out this late.

Does anyone else remember summer break being Memorial Day to Labor Day? It seems to be shrinking with every passing year.

And summer days don't have that same unstructured bike, swim, run the neighborhood til dark and catch lightening bugs kind of feel. Sometimes I long for those simpler, carefree days before wi-fi and handheld devices.

Although I have always really enjoyed time with the kids, each year seems more challenging as hormones and attitudes become more pronounced. I can't help but reminisce back to days gone by and mourn my babies just a wee bit. Especially when that nasty B word creeps in. And it seems to come in high pitched whines to boot these days. "I'm B-O-R-E-D." The one word no mom wants to hear twelve hours into break. I may have to incorporate my friend's "I'm Bored Jar" filled with all sorts of chores to help them out when they've forgotten how to entertain themselves. Pretty ingenious if I do say so myself.

To further ensure a summer free of boredom and unnecessary drama (which is not limited to toddlers in case you were wondering) I've also lined up pool passes and summer camps and have drafted a condensed bucket list that hopefully even my 11 and 13 year old can get excited about because I'd love to savor every last minute with them, even if I'm not as cool as I once was. This may not make for the spontaneous kind of adventures I long for, but it certainly is a great tool to give kids some direction and purpose during the summer months.
 photo 2013bucketlistfinal_zps0143e082.jpg

So, for all of my North American friends heading into those warm, sun filled lazy days (a girl can dream)- here's an 8 1/2 x 11 printable for you. Hang it on the fridge or bulletin board. Or get fancy and throw it in a frame. You could even use a dry erase marker on the glass. If you missed my 2012 "50 Things to Do Before Summer Kicks the Bucket" List, you can grab that one here. If you want a more simple version, this one may hit the spot.

If you have Photoshop or Elements you can customize the words or colors to your liking. Perhaps you have family traditions or unique spots in your area that you'd like to add. Or you'd like to tweak the colors to match your kitchen or family room. Have at it. If you don't have these editing programs, I'd be happy to tweak it for a $6 fee. There's also a JPG available- just download, print and start checking.

And I have a fun giveaway going on through Tuesday, June 11th at Midnight. Kristy of Life-n-Reflection has a Photo Pizazz Club Membership now available and she's giving away a year's worth of fun and goodies plus a Science of Textures Class right here at Project Alicia. Make sure to enter to win this awesome giveaway! Sounds like some easy, rainy day activities with the kids.

 photo lifenreflection750px_zps109281e6.jpg

You can find more freebies here. Happy Summer!

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